Pegida Holds Anti-Islamization Protests Across Europe

Some 5,000 anti-immigration and anti-Islamization protesters have gathered in central Dresden after Pegida called for an international day of action to be held across European cities on Saturday, Deutschlandfunk public broadcaster reported on its website.

Pegida’s day of protest in Dresden saw various speakers from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Estonia address a large crowd. The speakers carried posters slamming Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel over her role in Europe’s refugee crisis, Epoch Times Deutschland newspaper reported live from the rally.

Protests against mass immigration were also held in the Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, France and Ireland. In Prague, some 1,500 people gathered in opposition to refugee influx before clashing with pro-migration groups, forcing the police to intervene, according to witness reports. Similar clashes took place in Amsterdam. In the Irish capital Dublin, a local Pegida branch was established during an anti immigration rally. Anti-Pegida demonstrators also gathered, with the Irish RTE broadcaster reporting clashes with the gardai (Irish police).

Pegida, an acronym for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West, began organizing rallies in Dresden, Germany in October 2014, attracting hundreds and later thousands of supporters. At first these were peaceful strolls but when the neo fascist ‘left’ decided to stamp their authoritarian boot on German free speech rights, things became violent with left wing rent-a-mob thugs throwing bricks, bottles and petrol bombs at people exercising their right to peaceful protest.

The German anti – immigrant movement gained support in many member states of the European Union amid rising anti-migrant sentiment as Europe faces its biggest refugee crisis since World War II.


German Opposition Party Warns, Nation Is “At The Edge Of Anarchy, Civil War Is Coming”

As the stituation in German society deteriorates each day due to the vast swarm of lawless, uneducated, infidel hating illegal Muslim immigrants that Housfrau Volksfuhrer invited to travel to Germany and replace the established population, social commentators are predicting the country will slide into civil unrest and possibly full scale conflict between supporters of immigration and patriotic Germans
Hausfrau Volksfuhrer Merkel Confronts Facebook’s Zuckerberg Over Policing Hate Posts

It has long been recognized that German chancellor Angela Merkel models her leadrship style on those og Hitler and Stalin. What is not so well know is that Facebook CEO Zuckerberg is collaborating with Merkel, Obama, Cameron and other leaders sympathetic to global fascism to introduce censorship of internet content. Avoid Facebook, Zuckerberg is a Jewish Nazi, how sick is that

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