Opposition From EU Members Sinks Brussels’ Refugee Quotas Plan

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker (aka Jean Claude Drunkard on account of his penchant for drinking brandy at breakfast, lunch and dinner and with his between means snacks) in not happy that his flagship plan to stem Europe’s migration crisis by redistributing refugees, asylum seekers and illegal immigrants around the bloc to make them less visible is falling apart as EU states refuse to share the burden that the Brussels bureaucrats and Hausfrau – Volksfuhrer Merkel have inflicted on the European Union through politically correct but locically idiotic policies.

Diplomats, E U officials and aid workers have told Agence Presse France (AFP) that
since the the scheme was forced on EU member states by the bureaucratic dictatorship without consultantion last September, the goal of to relocating 160,000 asylum seekers from frontline states Greece and Italy, to pther European Union countries have moved at a snail’s pace, taking in just 500 people as nation after nation refused to cooperate.

Having rammed through his pet project for easing a crisis that saw more than one million people flood Europe’s shores last year, former Luxembourg premier Juncker last month vowed “not to give up” on the scheme.

But two EU diplomats, an official from an EU country, a sociologist, and an aid worker working with migrants spoke of growing doubts the plan will succeed in the face of determined opposition from many governments in the 28-nation bloc.


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