Hollywood Airhead Clooney To Work With Merkel On Islamification Of Europe?

When showbiz, television and movie people leave their world of make believe and start believing their own publicity to the extent that they think their own self obsessed, sheep – like opinions actually matter in the real world, they invariably make utter fools of themselves.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday hosted George Clooney for talks on Europe’s refugee influx, her spokesman said, after the Hollywood idol offered to lend star power to help with the crisis.

Discussions between the German leader and Clooney, as well as his wife Amal — a Lebanese-born human rights lawyer — focused on “refugee policies and their involvement in the IRC” — aid group International Rescue Committee, Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert wrote on Twitter.

Britain’s former foreign minister David Miliband, who is now head of the IRC, also attended the discussions, Merkel’s spokeswoman Christiane Wirtz added.

“There was an exchange on refugee policy as well as issues surrounding international conflicts during the meeting which was held at the request of Mr and Mrs Clooney,” she added.

Clooney and his wife were in the German capital to attend the Berlinale film festival, which this year also puts Europe’s refugee influx in the spotlight.

The actor had told reporters on Thursday that he would meet Merkel and, separately, a group of asylum seekers, “to talk about and ask what messages and what things we can do… to help.” [ More>> ]


The Odd Couple, Clowney and Merkel are convinced they can make Europe love Muslim rapists and murderers (Source)

The people of Europe are saying the best thing you and another ignorant, interfereing, patronising, self – righteous fuckers from Hollywood can do to help George is fuck the fucking fuck off.

Germany took in around 1.1 million illegal immigrants (they’re not asylum seekers and the majority are not refugees) in 2015 alone, but opposition is growing within the country against Merkel’s liberal policy. Dissent from the EU’s policy of favouring culturally incompatible foreigners over indiginous Europeans has triggered a backlash across Europe.

In Germany, France and Britain fascistic regimes hiding their authoritarian tendencied behind a mask of political corretness, have openly discussed criminalising those who ctiticise pro – immigrant and Islamophiliac policfies. And now that talentless, simpering clown Clooney thinks with one wave of his maging penis he can miraculously undo all the rapes, murders, miggings and woundings carried out by lawless, European – hating Muslim immigrants in the past year.

An opinion poll published late January showed that nearly 40 percent of German voters want Merkel to quit over her asylum policy.

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