Obama’s intervention in UK politics triggers angry backlash


Last week Barack Hussein Obama, the wannabe President of the Entire Universe and Everything else besides, who is, according to the only information we have a gay, cocaine addicted Muslim and former rent boy, who presented himself as a liberal peacemaker and joybringer but who as president has been a neocon warmonger and mass murderer, decided the British people, many of whom are highly educated, well informed people who at least know their real father’s identity, needed his help in deciding which way to vote in the imminent referendum on our continued membership of the EU. Obama made a speech telling us British voters America needed us in the EU and we would be stronger as a province of Greater Germany than as an independent nation.

from Breitbart London:
Angry Britons have launched a petition calling for U.S. President Barack Obama to be prevented from speaking in the UK parliament on Britain’s forthcoming referendum on European Union (EU) membership.
The petition on the Parliament website, which has so far been signed by over 4,000 people, calls on ministers and MPs to stop Mr Obama using parliament as a platform to tell Britain to stay in the European Union. Read more >>

To make matters worse the rent boy in chief’s sidekick in chief, the Scooby – doo villain lookalike, Secretary of state John (57) Kerry joined in, telling us Britain would be more secure in the EU. This wise adives comes, you must remember, from two scumsuckers who are on record as saying if Argentina invades The falkland Islands again they will have military support from the USA.

There is no special relationship, the USA is only our ally when it needs support to give a veneer of legitimacy to its imperialistic wars.

The American invervention has not gone down well, in fact a Disqus commenter, Dexy, composed a limerick in response to Obama’s attempt to do to us what he has done to Libya, Ukraine and Syria and continued to do to Iraq and Afghanistan, wars started by his predecessor in the White House. Dexy’s Limerick deserves to be spread widely around the Anglopshere, so here it is, please pass it on:

There once was a chap from Chicago,
Whose life was a fetid farrago
Of rage and deceit;
The usurping cheat
Was far less Othello than Iago.

Yes Sidi Obama, we British know our Shakespeare and our political history, we refused to let Ragnar the Bloodthirsty*, Louis of France, Phillip of Spain, Napoleon Bonaparte, Kaiser Bill and Adolf Hitler fuck us and we hereby give notice that if you try to fuck us you will get the same treatment.

*Though all the rest are real, I made up Ragnar to represent all the unknown Saxons and Vikings who attacked Britain before the reign of King Alfred.

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