Apple Hypocrisy On Users Privacy Sets Standard For Silicon Valley


When I searched for images depicting the spy-in-your-pocket nature of a certiain rather fruity technology firms products, I found that strangely all had been blocked. No worries, a screen grab of an old image gave me this.

After boldly and publicly rejecting a federal court order to hack an iPhone on Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook could reasonably have wondered: Who’s with me? Twitter was full of fans. Civil liberties activists were cheering him on. But in Silicon Valley, the initial response was less immediate and effusive. Google, the other tech behemoth that has promised to make encryption, security, and privacy a priority … (more >>)

In view of the fact that in the past Apple has always been eager to help governments invade users privacy (as have Microsoft, Faceboook, Google and most other tech companies, I’m not picking on just one) this sudden attack of concern for consumers’ right to privacy seems rather hypocritical.

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2 thoughts on “Apple Hypocrisy On Users Privacy Sets Standard For Silicon Valley

  1. Its about time some new media truth seekers started exposing those hypocrites at apple for what they are. Every time Stephen fucking Fry uses his iPhone he’s exploiting child labour and slave labour. And then he lectures us on human fuckung rights.


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