On The Subject Of Politically Correct Thinking

Observant readers will have noticed this blog does not really do politically correct, or fuckwittery as we like to call it. Under the old order as Boggart Blog at blog.co.uk we had fun in 2008 and since ridiculing those race obsessed people in Britain,  Europe, and the USA who were just so sure Barack Obama, America’s first black president (and based on his record probably its last) would be the greatest US President ever and a Messianic figure, the peacemaker and joybringer who would lead the world to an era of harmony and prosperity, basing their judgement solely on the colour of his skin because nothing in the little we knew of this alleged cocaine user and former rent boy suggested he was capable of running a tap (faucet) let alone the world’s most powerful nation.

With all that in mind, here’s an image post we felt we have to share for the benefit of those who hold up Martin Luther King as a hero, but forget that the ‘dream’ he had was of his grandchildren “living in a nation where a man is judged on the quality of his character rather than the colour of his skin.”

The identity of the fuckwit who originally posted this has been obscured as an act of mercy.


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