Trust In The BBC and Traditional Media Hits All Time Low

Following publication of the report into the Jimmy Savike affair, trust in BBC has almost evaporated as as details of the culture of lies and cover up and the apparent belief that the Corporation’s most popular celebrities, not just Savile but Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall and others, were above the law were revealed.

The rotten heart of the BBC has been laid bare by the Savile report, which revealed a culture of lying and cover-up by people who, lacking any defence tried to present themselves as ‘victims’. Reading between the lines makes clear that the arrogant, above-the-law attitude which BBC staff used to justify lying, concealment, distortion and cover-up becomes a fake ‘victimhood’ once they are exposed, now claimimg they were ‘afraid’ of exposing Savile.

Bollocks. I was involved with the BBC (through my freelance writing) in the 1970s and 80s, what Savile liked to do young boys and girls was well known and freely gossiped about. When I was writing documentaries for radio, my producer, a pretty, fresh faced young woman who, though in her late twenties could have passed as late teens told me of her two encounters with Savile. Fortunately in spite of her youthful appearance she was well able to look after herself.

The lying shits who run our national news organisation are already deeply distrusted over the perpetual left wing bias in their news reporting, complicity in the cover-ups of sex crimes by Pakistani men and their pro – American distortion of foreign news, which would contribute to the demonisation of Russia and the push to war if more people actually belived them. They are not alone. As Der Spiegel reports:

Siegfried Vollmert, 57, is the purchasing and sales director of a steel company in Essen. He travels a lot, driving 80,000 kilometers (49,710 miles) a year through Europe. He no longer believes what the papers write, he says, adding that he prefers to see things for himself. “There must be a reason why the media are losing circulation,” Vollmert says. “The average Joe has a keen sense for when he’s being taken for a ride.” Vollmert accuses the media of having lost sight of the interests and concerns of its audience. The teacher shortage, poor hygiene in hospitals and a growing number of burglaries — journalists ignore all of these issues, says Vollmert, because they have blockaded themselves in their ivory towers. “They don’t listen to what’s happening down below.”

Philipp Karger, a 33-year-old engineer, hardly gets any of his news from classic media anymore. “It’s obvious that you get your information from above,” he says, citing coverage of the New Year’s violence in Cologne as evidence. The fact that the media took so long to report on the ethnic background of the presumed perpetrators was the result of instructions from the federal government, or at least an organization affiliated with the government, says Karger. He is so sure of himself that he reacts with genuine surprise when his accusation is rejected. “I thought that had already been officially confirmed,” he says. According to Karger, the media had to respond as they did so as not to undermine Merkel’s refugee policy.

The people of Europe and the USA are waking up to the fact that nothing in mainstream media can be  believed, that we are being manipulated by a constant stream of propaganda generated to serve the government of the power elites and the global corporations. What you read on the newspapers or hear on broadcast news does not mention that a million more economic migrants are tearing at the southern fences and millions more are behind them. You will hear nothing of incidents like the mass sex attacks in Cologne at New Year or the street wars and rape epidemic being endured by the people of Sweden courtesy of their left wing government’s open doors immigration policy unit the noise from new media becomes so deafening it cannot be ignored. No doubt the guilty hacks at the BBC who are now so happily compliant in suppressing all negative aspects of economic migration will squeal in future that they lied about it because they were ‘scared’ of telling the truth abut the EU’s failed social and economic policies because the bureaucrats could easily destroy a person’s career.


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