Migrants Mass At Greek Border Waiting To Cross Into Europe

And you though the prospect of Britain leaving was the biggest problem facing the European Union at the moment?

In spite of having run for over a year so far, the migrant crisis is still getting bigger. Here’s news on the latest development.

An estimated 6,500 undocumented travellers (i.e. no passports, no ID, no visas etc.) were assembled at the Idomeni camp on Greece’s northern border with Macedonia on Saturday according to news feeds, after four Balkan countries announced a daily cap on migrant arrivals.

The log jam began after Macedonia began refusing entry to Afghans and imposed stricter document controls on Syrians and Iraqis, slowing the passage of migrants and refugees to a trickle.

The situation now looks set to worsen significantly after EU members Slovenia and Croatia,and Macedonia, as well as Serbia, a non EU nation which has allowed migrants free passage through its territory but no refugee of asylum seeker status, said they would limit the number of migrants entering each day to 580.

The tighter controls have left thousands stranded in Greece, as the bloc’s worst migration crisis since World War II shows no sign of abating.

Macedonian authorities opened the Idomeni border crossing on Saturday afternoon and dozens of migrants were allowed to pass through, with local Greek police sources saying 300 were expected to cross the frontier by the end of the day.

More than 20,000 refugees and other migrants are currently on Greek soil, according to the office of migration minister Yiannis Mouzalas.

Friday’s announcement by four Balkan states came a week after Austria said it would only allow 80 people to claim asylum per day, and also pledged to limit the daily number of people passing through the country to 3,200. Hungary, another nation with a common border with Serbia, closed its borders several months ago.

The latest move has sparked a bitter spat between Athens and Vienna, with Greece fearful it would trigger a domino effect, leaving thousands stranded on its territory as migrants continue to land on its beaches from Turkey.

Austria accuses Greece of deliberately not policing its borders properly and allowing migrants to continue their journey towards northern Europe as a way of passing on the problem of dealing with the lawless, illiterate insurgents to other EU nations.

“Europe can’t be indifferent to those of our partners who don’t respect their obligations,” Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said of the border restrictions on Saturday.

Last week, the EU told Austria that limiting asylum claims was “plainly incompatible” with European and international law.

If you think that is bad, there is an even bigger problem going to hit the EU in early summer as the Italian banking system goes belly up. You heard it here first …
Scroll past links to learn why we do not want to fill civilised Europe with third world migrants:


Migrants Mass At Greek Border Waiting To Cross Into Europe

An estimated 6,500 undocumented travellers were assembled at the Idomeni camp on Greece’s northern border with Macedonia on Saturday according to news feeds, after four Balkan countries announced a daily cap on migrant arrivals. The log jam began after Macedonia began refusing entry to Afghans and imposed stricter document controls on Syrians and Iraqis, slowing the passage of migrants and refugees to a trickle.

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Idiot liberal hitchhikes through Middle East to prove Muslims are peaceful. Was raped and murdered instead

This is not funny, although there is a ceretain wry irony in it. And seeing as I just came from a quick look in Facebook where all I saw was hate meme’s posted by brainwashed left voting idiots, HATE boris Johnson because he said we should not be teaching homosexuality in schools, HATE Britain First (Who the fuck ARE they, the seem to be like the Tea Party over the pond, don’t actually exist but mention of them sends brainwashed leftie sheeple off on a 48 hour hissy fit),HATE Conservatives and so blame Iain Duncan Smith for every cruel, heartless act perpetrated by some power drunk, crimplene clad, clipboard weilding little nobody at the local Department of Work and Pensions office, HATE Britain so muxh they repost stpid memes about how many ‘British immigrants’ live in EU countires.

Of course they ignore the facts (lefties always ignore the facts) that most of those are in Sourthern Spain and the Balearics, The Algarve and the Dorgogne and are ritirees with substantial pensions and savings, and so are paying their way and the majority of rest are contract workers in their host countries temporarily, and not in fact no – marks who have gone abroad to ponce off the local taxpayers, or professional beggars who bully money out of harmless people with threats and intimidation.

There were also the usual hate posts aimed at anyone who does not give a damn about sick animals, well fed and healthy looking refugees, endangered species, the (not) melting ice caps, gay rights, transgender rights, or any fuckers rights when they really have exactly the same rights as the rest of us.

Well I may be supremely indifferent to those things but can’t help indulging myself when some self righteous, doo gooding, patronising, codescending left wing idiot gets their come uppance. Someone like this:

Here’s a shocking and sad story that should be shared everywhere to get the word out. An Italian woman who was hitch hiking from Italy to Israel to promote world peace was raped and murdered by Muslims in Turkey.

Via The New York Times:

The naked body of Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo, 33, known as Pippa Bacca, was found in bushes near the northern city of Gebze on Friday.

She had said she wanted to show that she could put her trust in the kindness of local people. Turkish police say they have detained a man in connection with the killing. Reports say the man led the police to the body.

Ms di Marineo was hitch-hiking from Milan to Israel and the Palestinian Territories with a fellow artist on their “Brides on Tour” project.

They had separated in Istanbul, planning to reunite in Beirut.

Ms di Marineo was last seen on 31 March in Gebze.

An Italian embassy official told the Associated Press news agency police tracked the man when he put a new SIM card into Ms di Marineo’s mobile phone.

Local media identified the suspect only by the initials MK and said he had a previous conviction for theft.

This of course is exactly what one would expect to happen to a western woman who opts to travel alone and accept lifts from total strangers in a country controlled by followers of a religion built on hate, that teaches young men it is fine to steal from and kill people who do not worship their evil God or accept their primitive laws (like women not being allowed to travel alone – a crime which could have earned this silly, self righteous tart a stoning had she encountered a particularly religious police officer.

This crime shows how disgusting attitudes to women are in the Islamic world. Obviously such behaviour is absolutely intolerable in civilised societies. So why do the self righteous, hand wringing lefties we see day after day parading their emontional needyness in Facebook want to fill western societies with people just like the brutal pigshit eater who casually committed this terrible crime.

It is bad enough when it happens in the middle east, when people who delude

themselves that they occupy the moral high ground but in fact are not so much bottom feeders as creatures that feed from the bottom feeders bottoms, it is time we not only took back control of our borders to limit who comes in, but we started stripping nationality from left wing idiots who clearly despise their own country and everything about it so much, they want to dump this kind of brutality on our doorsteps because multiculturalism.


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