It’s Gobsmacking How Stupid You Have To Be To Get Into Cambridge University These Days.

Students dressed as Somali Pirates. Is it racist to behave stupidly for fun?

I have to admit I sidestepped University, never having liked the academic environment and also having learned that most of what I had been taught since leaving junior school had been irrelevant or just plain wrong. It did not hold me back, I studied at night school, gained experience in a variety of jobs and after some wild adventures finally settled down and built a very good career.

And on the way to the comfortable retirement I enjoy now I learned that a university degree is not the most reliable measure of human intelligence. Ah but there we stray into dangerous territory that could lead to today’s dumbed down, university brainwashed sheeple encountering the idea that human diversity is not about skin colour, but about the wonderful range of abilities, attitudes and talents found among any ethnic group.

And we would not want the precious little conformist darlings who go to top universities like Oxford and Cambridge to encounter such dangerous, subversive concepts would we? It might awaken them to how stupid their self righteousness makes them look when they do things like this:

Students at a Cambridge college have cancelled a party themed on Jules Verne’s novel Around the World in 80 Days after complaints dressing up as another culture constituted “cultural appropriation”.

The decision by students at Pembroke College comes just days after Jesus College removed a bronze cockerel from the main hall over accusations it was “racist” as it celebrated a “colonial past”.

The Tab now reports that the Pembroke junior parlour committee wrote to students saying:

“Having discussed the matter at length as a committee, we have decided that the most appropriate action is to break with the tradition of reusing finalists’ first fresher bop theme, in their end of Lent term third year bop. Instead we are using an alternative theme to avoid the potential for offense [sic] to be caused by the theme Around the World in 80 Days.”

One student took to Facebook to support the decision, claiming: “This is a way to minimise the risk of people of colour having a sh*t night, being reminded that they share a college with ignorant people who don’t understand the impact of their ‘harmless’ bop outfit.”

However, another student who claimed to have chosen the theme said: “Doesn’t any theme contain aspects which could be spun into an offensive costume?… This seems overly controlling and a little insulting.”

Another said the theme could have been a way to appreciate the diversity of cultures, writing: “I don’t feel dressing up in costumes that celebrate cultural diversity should be reprimanded. Can’t we take joy in spending an evening in the national dress of another country?!”

They added that the decision “just serves to perpetuate the downward spiral of extreme political correctness that I feel universities across the world seems [sic] to be succumbing to.”

The decision is the latest example of politically correct ideology spreading throughout Western universities. Read more >>>

I wonder would these Cambridge – brainwashed half wits realise that if their CV shows a degree from one of the top universities it is likely to harm their career prospects.They are obviously too dim to understand the ban would prevent a man of African, Asian or Indian sub continent ethnicity from wearing a western style suit with shirt and tie because that too would constitute ‘cultural appropriation’.

A sure sign of intelligence is a person’s ability to think things through and consider the likely consequences of planned actions. So very often now I see examples of students so intent on parading their delusions of superiority, they inevitably manage to fall over their own feet.


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