Patriotic Parties Rights Violated in European Parliament

The democratic rights of patriotic parties in the EU parliament are constantly violated, Belgian MEP Frank Creyelman said on Friday.

“It is very difficult for patriotic parties to work in the EU parliament as their democratic rights are violated constantly,” Creyelman from the Vlaams Belang party said.

This is not the first time parties that dissent from the official EU / USA line on policy have been prevented from doing things that are permitted under European Parliament rules, according to sources from parties resistant to US domination or opposed to the EU’s anti – Russia stance there have been multiple occasions of such rights violations.

“A Russian delegation that was to enter the EU parliament — invited by German MEP Udo Voigt — was refused entrance. Also an exposition on the positive influence of Russia in the Syrian conflict was refused,” Creyelman said.

Relations between Russia and the West, including European Union, have deteriorated since 2014 over Moscow’s alleged involvement in Ukraine’s internal conflict and Russia’s reunification with Crimea that the western countries often refer to as “annexation.” We have not heard anything from the Brussels bureaucratic dictatorship
or from leaders of the major European nations about Turkey’s helping ISIS or about the USA’s role in overthrowing a democratically elected government in Ukraine.

According to the Belgian MEP, most of the patriotic parties in the EU parliament think that the Crimean peninsula is rightfully part of Russia. However, EU countries have imposed several rounds of sanctions against Moscow, while Kremlin repeatedly denied the accusations.

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