Don’t Trust The Turks.

As EU leaders, still obsessed with the idea of filling Europe with illiterate, uneducated third world peasants it seems, meets the Turkish Sultan President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, prepared to offer him whatever he asks for, on top of the five billion Euros he has already trousered in return for Turkey’s empty promises of help in controlling the flow of criminals, rapists, people traffickers and jihadists refugees from all over the middle east, Asia,and Africa Syria.

In spite of Turkey’s promises no help has been forthcoming although the flow of migrants has increased. Now, as those of us who have done business with third world countries are aware, the standard blackmail process is underway. Well what else should we expect from a government that for the last two years has been buying oil stolen from wells in territory seized by ISIS terrorists?

As well as the bribes, Turkey is also demanding its application for full membership of the EU be fast tracked, so that European nations will have to open the doors to 80 million citizens of a mostly backward, agricultural nation with an abysmal record on human rights. You think we have an unstoppable tide of useless eaters (to borrow a phrase from Adolf Hitler) now? How many kebab sellers, office cleaners, aggressive beggars and Uber cab drivers does a civilised society need?

Germany however (the usual suspects) aredetermined toi do a deal with the crook erdogan, no matter what the cost to European societies. Having trashed her own country with her insane, incompetent immigration policy it seems Hausfrau – Volksfuhrer Merkel is determined to take down the rest of Europe too.

Merkel Says EU-Turkey Summit Decisive To Solving Migrant Crisis

In a report from their correspondents in the Turkish capital Ankara, Reuters tell us German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday that a draft European Union deal with Turkey would be essential to solving Europe’s migrant crisis but made clear the bloc would not compromise democratic principles to win over Ankara.

Speaking on the eve of an EU summit which aims to bribe Turkey into helping stem the flow of migrants coming to Europe in return for cash injections and the fast tracking of full EU membership for the Turkish nation (which is not only culturally alien to anywhere in Europe, but lies mostly in Asia, Merkel said there was still work to do on visa liberalisation for Turks and tackling Cypriot concerns before the EU could speed up talks on membership for Ankara.

Chancellor Merkel is under intense pressure from opposition parties in Germany to solve the migrant crisis after more than a million people seeking mostly illegal immigrants entered Germany last year. Voters punished her conservatives in regional elections at the weekend by flocking to the anti-immigrant AfD party.

Merkel, in remarks to the Bundestag (lower house of parliament), insisted that a deal with Turkey would help.

“What is at stake tomorrow and the day after tomorrow is whether we can get a deal that, for the first time, gives us a chance to get a sustainable, pan-European solution to the refugee issue,” she said.

Merkel warned that no one should be “deceived” by the slowdown in the influx of migrants to Germany caused by border closures by Austria and other states straddling the migration corridor northwards through the Balkans from Greece.

“The current easing that Germany and some other member states is experiencing is one thing. The situation in Greece is the other and it must be a big concern to us all because it is not without consequences for us all in Europe,” she said.

The border closures have left financially strapped Greece with a build-up of tens of thousands of migrants who entered from Turkey, a situation Greek authorities say is untenable.

Critics of Merkel’s immigration obsession,  both within Germany and among her EU partners, fear she is so desperate to claim some success in dealing with the immigration crisis  she will go too far in granting Erdogan’s ever more outrageous demands.

Turkey wants the EU to reopen its long stalled talks on accession to the 28-nation bloc. Cyprus is blocking that unless Ankara gives ground on long-standing disputes with it and recognises Cypriot nationhood. It is also likely that Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, the Balkan States and Slovakia would veto any move to admit Turkey.

The Brussels bureaucrats however have said many times that regardless of what democratically elected national legislatures say, they will do whatever is needed to progress their project of merging the twenty eight member states into a single federal superstate and even extending the Union beyond Europe’s geographical borders.

EU President Sees Turkey Migrant Deal As ‘Temporary’

European Council President Donald Tusk has stressed in a note to EU leaders that a planned deal with Turkey to stem the flow of migrants to Greek islands will be a “temporary and extraordinary measure”.

The note, leaked to the press by a source within the EU, lays out proposals for an agreement that Tusk hopes will be reached when he chairs a summit of EU leaders on Thursday. This will be followed by a meeting of EU leaders with the Turkish prime minister on Friday.

The proposal insists the EU must not violate its legal principles or sacrifice the interests of Cyprus in order to bribe Turkey to stop the influx of refugees into Europe, the European Council president has warned, according to The Finacial Times. Some question whether Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkish prime minister, who is due to arrive at the summit to seal a deal on Friday, will even attend.

“I am cautiously optimistic but, frankly speaking, more cautious than optimistic,” said Mr Tusk, speaking at a Thursday morning news conference alongside Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission. “Only if we all work together in a co-ordinated manner and keep our cool will we achieve success.”

Thursday’s meeting will mark the final attempt by the EU to stem the flow of refugees and migrants attempting to reach Greece from Turkey before a projected leap this spring.

The plan, which is intended to deter migrants from resorting to people traffickers, is part of a broader settlement that could see Turkey offered as much as €6bn in aid as well as accelerated progress towards a visa-free regime. Crucially, the deal is also set to include language on advancing Turkey’s negotiation process for joining the EU.
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