Monster From The Deep Found In Rochdale

Something on the light side to kick today off because I’ve had a shite day so far and I’m now convinced that those business people and politicians who say doing things like changing you car insurance provider online is ‘more conventient’. It’s more conventient for insurance firms because customers can do all the work thus enabling them to lay off staff.

But FFS the fucking about is incredibile. This of course is because artificial intelligence is not intelligence, it has no flexibility and cannot cope with anything slightly unorthodox.

When did you buy your car the computer asks.
2009 I say.
When in 2009?
March, April …
On what specific date?

Now I have owned the car several years, we don’t keep bank statements that long so I can’t check what day I actually drew out the cash to hand over.

That was just one annoying fuck up. One of many. So …

On a page about weird creatures that have washed up on beaches I found this:

sea monster

This weird creature certainly does not belong in a cold water lake in Rochdale, it looks like a Gulper Fish, which is found in the depths of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, those dark marks on its nozzle are not eyes, there is no light at the depths the Gulper prefers so it has no use for them (although they may be an evolutionary remnant of eyes). As well as not having eyes, the Gulper does not have an arse hole.

So at least it was not shitting in water I used to go windsurfing on.


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