How The Cult Of The Obamessiah created The Trump Phenomenon


I’m disappointed to find quite a lot of people on my friends list and among my Facebook followers seem to have joined the HATE TRUMP campaign, that is really aimed not so much at stopping Donald Trump because he’s Donald Trump, but at stopping any candidate who looks to have a chance of keeping that abysmal, neo – fascist, warmongering old cow Hillary Clinton out of The White House.

As Europeans who take an interest on world news and well informed Americans know but the low information types who call themselves ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ in the USA obviously do not, Hillary was the driving force behind the wars in, and subsequent ruination of Libya, Syria and Yemen and had a hand in engineering the Ukrainian civil war.

Vote Sanders to stop Hillary gaining her party’s nomination, if he fails vote Trump or the corporate puppet the Republicans may put up in his place, or Gary Johnson the Libertarian, Jill Stein of the Green Party, Vermin Supreme

of the … I suppose it’s the Vermin Party or any of the other fringe party candidates that appear on the ballot.

So here to help those low information types who think Hillary will be a great president because of the configuration of her genitals, just as in 2008 the delusional fools though Obama would be the greatest president ever because of the colour of his skin, is an article from THE INTERCEPT (not a publication noted for Republican sympathies) on how the arrogance of the self – righteous liberals and their contempt for the working classes has created the Trump phenomenon.

The Culture That Created Donald Trump Was Liberal, Not Conservative


Inauguration crowd size lies: The Hypocrisy Of Mainstream Media Is Infinite When They Can Publish Shite Like This
Crowd size experts estimate Trump’s audience at far fewer than the million or more that Trump is claiming. And side-by-side photographs allegedly show the contrast between the gathering for Trump’s inauguration and the one in 2009 for former president Barack Obama’s. Well OK, but are these the same crowd size experts who claimed over a hundred thousand had turned out to see Obama when he visited Berlin, when eye witnesses said they doubted there were even ten thousand?

The Oligarchy Is Tottering – Trump Tramples The Neocons’ “False Song Of Globalism”
Donald Trump scares the global establishment as do the anti Federalisation parties in the EU. We take a long and detailed look at why, and exactly what the globalist agenda would have meant for freedom and democracy had people not wonken up and opposed it in vast numbers. Kudos to the Islamic Jihad too, medievalist religious nuts they may be, but they resisted American attempt to impose western consumer culture on them.

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