Super Injunction: After we did not name them yesterdays, others are following the lead


Image and story source – yournewswire


The Daily Stirrer, a news site I contribute to, was the first UK site to break the injunction on naming the celebrity threesome couple yesterday (you may have noticed I DID NOT name them here or on FB yesterday, I just left nobody in any doubt as to who they were.

The Daily Stirrer actually publishes in Andorra where there is no libel law and is a non profit publication owned by anonymous nominees and the article was contributed by my very dear friend Arthur Foxake who does not give a flying fuck what celebrities get up to behind closed doors but does object to the use of superinjunctions.

Anyway, it seems The Daily Stirrer’s little pebble has started an avalanche. Here’s another non-naming of the celebrities involved. Thanks to the faces being disguised nobody would ever recognise the little fat one with a rug on his head would they?


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