Merkel’s Socialist Coalition Partner says Her Immigration Policy Was Correct.

Looks as if the topics that are going to dominate news and current affairs blogs aimed at British readers for the next few weeks will be the European Union (EU) and the ongoing immigration crisis. This blog has already written hundreds of posts and tens of thousands of words on both, and the related topic, the so called ‘free trade’ treaty being negotiated in secret between the EU and USA, the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which Wikileaks founder and liberatrian Julian Assange has described as being a corporate power grab that has little to do with trade.

Immigration certainly dominated the news in Germany over the past few days, as it continues to divide the ruling coalition.

German Vice Chancellor and Social Democrats (SPD) leader Sigmar Gabriel told Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine this weekend that Merkel had made the right decision to let in the refugees last year, responding to a humanitarian emergency.

It was the right decision if you consider opening up a country for invasion by a mass of foreigners who hate European culture and values and whose religion calls on its followers to ‘kill the infidel’. Allowing your mortal enemies to infiltrate your communities can never be a smart thing to do. Have these vacuous, university dumbed down shitheads who rise to the top in politics never head the story of the Trojan Horse?  Sane people ought to consider Merkel’s ‘open doors’ immigration policy suicidal.

Sane people of course,  do not fall for the politically correct bullshit about Islam being ‘The religion of peace,’it is morally equivalent to all other religions, i.e. totally immoral and orgainsed to serve a prvileged elite by preserving their power and control over society. It is impossible to equate Islam with peace when an estimated 270 million non-Muslim people were brutally murdered in cold-blood by Muslims in a jihad driven perpetually by the ideological force of Islam in the 1400 years since the religion was founded.

Germany took in more than a million migrants last year, mostly people fleeing conflict and poverty in the Middle East and Africa, though some were genuine refugees.

Concealed among this mass were jihadists taking the unprecedented opportunity to invade and infiltrate in non-Muslim infidel societies, institutions, governments, and God knows what else in order to inflict mass casualty terror attacks and at the same time to subvert non-Muslim infidel societies.

In March the European Union and Turkey, a Muslim nation with an appalling human rights record, struck a deal that aimed to give Turks visa-free travel to Europe and fast track full EU membership for Turkey in return for the government’s ‘help’ stemming the flow of migrants. The Turks have previously obtained several billion Euros in cash and obtained political concessions for ‘help in stemming the flow of migrants, help which has never yet been forthcoming.

Clearly Turkey is blackmailing the EU, and the vacuous, university dumbed down idiot who lead the European Union and is member states are so stupid they keep falling for the same scam over and over again.


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