The Hope That Springs Eternal?


Today I was privy to and exchange on a news site not publicly available, a Hillary Clinton cultist was opining about how great things would be when sill Hilly is president. Somebody else pointed out a few of Mrs Clinton’s shortcomings concluding with the way she lectures on ‘green issues’ while her campaign accepts shitloads of money from fossil fuel corporations.

The next comment observed that Hilly’s poll numbers are dropping while those of Bernie Sanders are going up. Hope springs eternal the comment author said.
I, being one of those people who thinks Hillary Clinton and her husband are totally despicable human being who make Donald Trump look like Pollyanna, would love to see Bernie grab the Democrats nomination. Alas I fear the fix was in a long time ago for Hillary, as it was in 08 for Obama.

Which prompted me to post this pearl of wisdom from the late, great Ian Dury: “The Hope What Springs Eternal Springs Right Up Your Behind”

Video: Ian Dury and The Blockheads: This Is What We Find (the hope what springs eternal springs right up your behind)

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