More truth about the EU, More lies from REMAIN, More reasons To Leave

If We Choose Brexit People Who Are Not British Nationals Will Have To Leave

My understanding of the legal position is if you are here legally (i.e. have been working and are registered in the tax and National Insurance system) then you are fine. It is the people who have only worked cash in hand for ‘gang masters’ who will have a problem.

The EU Protects Worker’s Rights

There’s actually a good legal reason for that. The Remainders are probably not aware that EU minimum wage law allows unscrupulous employers to legally pay less than the legal minimum wage.
Employers are only legally required to pay the legal minimum wage of the country in which their business is based. The UK mimimum wage is about £1500 a month, the Romanian is under £300 a month.…/List_of_sovereign_states_in…
Guess what! A lot of agencies supplying manual workers (office cleaners, farm workers) to British business are registered in Romania.
So much for the argument about the EU protecting British jobs.

The EU Is Providing Lots Of Affordable Homes In Britain

In our town there has just been a big “EU funded” urban renewal project. The funding is part of what the Remainders say we get back from Europe.
In spite of all the EU’s screeching about protecting the environment, this project demanded the bulldozing of an enormous tract of stone built housing about a hundred years old. Now some of this needed to go, but a lot was structurally sound and could have provided cheap starter homes if the plumbing, electrics and insulation had been brought up to modern standards and other work done as needed (a lot of these houses had been refured in the 1970s and 80s and had decent rooves and new floors.
But no, the EU Bureaucrats, blissfully unaware of how much energy is involved in making just the bricks and cement for a new build, and how many very dirty and energy intensive processes are needed to make all the materials, all of which put not just harmless CO2 but really nasty toxic shite into the environment. And so the useless pen pushers enforce loads of pointless rules and regulations that achieve the opposite of what we the people need but which make the bureaucrats feel important.
Beyond that, in one of the first tracts of new build housing to be completed under this project, many of the properties are empty almost two years after completion. The homes are small, poorly lain out and are too expensive to rent or buy for what they offer.
In other parts of town where the EU has not interfered, god solid old stone built terraced houses of the type the EU project had caused to be demolished are snapped up by eager buyers because they offer the type of accomodation people want, not the little dolls houses EU bureaucrats say they should want.


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