Adolf Hitler, His Part In Our Downfall

A FREE e-book for people who have not yet accepted that the European Union was never intended to be either a democratic organisation or a group of sovereign nations operating as equal partners in a free trade group. From day one (long before day one in fact) it was designed to be a federal European nation dominated by one member. This free book explains everything (even how the EU police force Europol came to have more far reaching powers that The Gestapo, the Soviet KGB or East Germany’s notorious Statzi.

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A thirty five thousand word book on the authoritarian, undemocratic, bureaucratic dictatorship that is the European Union. Following the outburst of left wing hate politics following Boris Johnson’s reminder that the EU has its roots in Hitler’s Naziism, which as any intelligent person is aware is both true and very well documented (I try not to be too hard on them, they are not capable of thinking for themselves or questioning authority, the brainwashed and brain – dead idiots can’t think for themselves and thus are only capable of a Pavolovian canine programmed response) I decided to assemble this collection of articles by me and my friends (with some long extracts quoted from public domain and creative commons sources) to help people misled by the REMAIN campaign into thinking the arguments are solely economic.

This is wrong, the debate should be about whether we want future generations to live if a free country that makes its own laws, or whether you want to live in a fascist bureaucratic dictatorship where you every act in micromanaged and where even your thoughts can get you thrown in jail by Europol, the EU police force which has further reaching powers that the Gestapo, the Soviet KGB or the East German Statzi.

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Adolf Hitler: His Part In Our Downfall

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EU Chief Warns of ‘Implosion’ as Trust in Europe Fades
EU leaders show almost every day they are desperate for Britain to vote to remain in the EU, so why do they keep doing things certain to alienate patriotic Britons. It’s bad enough that the idoiots in Brussels want to destroy European civilisation by allowing unrestricted immigration from backward cultures without admitting such backward countries as Turkey so that its 80 million Muslim inhabitans will be able to enter Europe freely.

Dutch Referendum This Week Shows why We Should Leave The EU.
Few of you were aware probably that there is an EU referendum vote in The Netherlands this week. As usual with anything negative about the EU barely a word has been printed in the topic in mainstream media and the silence from our notionally unbiased national broadcaster The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been deafening.

French, Belgians, Dutch, Italians Follow Britain in Euroskepticism
Europeans want us British to lead them out of Europe. Don’t be fooled by project fear, the European Union (aka the Euronazi Federal Superstate) is falling apart. There will not be chaos if we leave, there will be chaos if we stay.

Head Of European Institute: Brexit ‘Better’ For Everyone
Brexit would be the best result of Britain’s in / out referendum for both Britain and the EU i a Belgian professor who heads up the European Institute at the London School of Economics (LSE) has said.

Johnson’s article lines up his reasons why Britain must exit on June 23rd. It’s time to be brave
OK, I know a lot of you think Boris is most accurately described by a word many people find offensive, but he’s put together a very good argument here on why we must leave the EU. Published in part here under ‘fair use’ terms and conditions, in the public interest …

Cameron’s EU Package: Not A Deal But A Few Turns In The Spin Machine
As we and almost everybody else predicted, David Cameron’s deal to improve Britain’s relationship with the EU is worthless. It changes nmothing, and can be vetoed once we have voted to stay in.

Cameron Plays Deal Or No Deal In Europe
David Cameron, who was apparently up all night trying to make other European leaders understand why his country needs a better deal in order to poersuade the prople it is a good idea stay in the EU. Unless Cameron gets what will enable him to sell the idea of surrendering national sovereignty to a Federal European Superstate ruled by a committee of unelected bureaucrats in to the British public he will not campaign for the UK to remain in the bloc

EU Refuses to Block Eurozone Integration to Reach Agreement With UK
Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said at the E?U summit on British membership terms that the European Union wants to reach an agreement with the United Kingdom, but it is not prepared to compromise the banking union (financial integration) or the further integration of monetary union (UK being forced to abandon the pound join the Euro?) to achieve this goal.

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