So What Did The Killer Of Jo Cox Shout As He Attacked The MP


The The notice shown in this photograph was put up by a shopkeeper whose business it vert close to the spot when Member of Parliament Jo Cox was murdered in the street by a man with known mental health problems. It was displayed in response to claims by left wing media that the killer had shouted ‘Britain First’ which meant he was linked to the nationalist group.

The dry cleaning shop’s owner said that contrary to television and radio reports that he had tackled the killer, he did not, and that nobody shouted Britain First during the attack. The source of the claim that the gunman had shouted those words has not been identified, but hey, lets be realistic, the leftie mobs on Twitter and Facebook don’t need evidence before they jump on a bandwagon.r

As Jo Cox was known for her campaigning on behalf of Syrian refugees, the question that should have been asked but will never be asked by pro – EU mainstream media is, “Do you know if the attacker shouted ‘Britain First’ or Britain first? The difference is probably too subtle for the Pavolvian Canines of left wing activism to understand, but if those words were in fact uttered, then that difference is all important.

Vote LEAVE everyone and stick it to the scumsucking leftie sewer slime that tried to blame the Brexit campaign for the murder of Jo Cox. There is nothing these repugnant people will not try to make political capital from. But what else can we expect from people who would deliver Britain into the hands of a totalitarian dictatorship for the sake of a few Facebook ‘likes’?


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