Our employees paid price of EU dream, admits Red Len: Union boss declares enlargement was ‘gigantic experiment at the expense’ of British workers

from The Daily Mail:
Union baron Len McCluskey last night declared that the enlargement of the EU into Eastern Europe had been a ‘gigantic experiment’ conducted ‘at the expense’ of British workers.

The leader of the country’s biggest union – supposed to be campaigning to stay inside the EU – said it had led to ‘sustained pressure on living standards, a systematic attempt to hold down wages and to cut the costs of social provision for working people’.

His intervention came amid the publication of a report claiming that unskilled EU migrants cost each British family more than £200 a year.
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And yet the cupid stunt has been supporting REMAIN even though the EU commission want to bring in Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonoia – nothing wrong with them of course except that they are all basket case economies that us poor taxpayers will be expected to prop up. And Juncker said this week that the day after our referendum is our of the way, the EU starts working to get the 77,000,000 citizens of terrorist state and ally of ISIS in as a full member.
The good thing about that is though the scab louse Cameron wants Turkey in, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia and the Czech Republic will veto it.

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