Brexit Vote: How the bookies tell us the establishment fix is in.

Couple of days ago I posted on having seen evidence that the Brexit vote is rigged, the result was known long ago. I came to that conclusion that from looking on the betting exchanges at how much money was being wagered and where it was coming from. By far the greatest number of bets are going on LEAVE but the bets coming from big punters (£1000 upwards – the smart money as bookies call it) are being placed on REMAIN.

And given my experience of how the betting markets work, as a bookie’s grandson who has in the past been a part owner of several racehorses and a reasonably big and successful punter (remind me to tell you one day about the time Daring destiny won the Ayr Gold Cup for us at 33/1 – and the party that followed) I can assure you the people who place ten, fifteen, twenty and twenty five thousand pound bets do not do so without having a good idea of the outcome.

I’m still hoping for a LEAVE vote but I fear the fix was in before Dodgy Dave went of to Brussels and Strasbourg to do his dirty deal. To read more follow the link below:

Something Strange Emerges When Looking Behind The “Brexit” Bookie Odds

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