Brexit Was A Vote Against Bigotry No Matter what The Remnants Say.

I was ecstatic when the vote on Britain’s EU membership was won by the LEAVE campaign, like most other people who have worked in the EU I am not only aware of the levels of waste, corruption and cronyism in the organisation, but also of what an authoritarian and profoundly anti democratic organisation it is.

Since the result was announced on the morning of June 24 I have been profoundly pissed off by the responses of those who voted leave and since they lost have been busying themselves by calling the 17million people who voted for leave (and by doing so proved they understood the issues were not primarily economics or immigration, but whether we want to live in a free, democratic sovereign nation or a bureaucratic dictatorship whose political ambitions involve extending Europe into Africa and the middle east.

The most often repeated and therefore off – pissing attempted insult aimed by the Remnants is the suggestion that Leave voters are bigots. Not the worst descriptor by any means, we have been called sewer rats, shit, insects and worse, but the most annoying because having faced claims by these idiots that Leave voters are ignorant, uneducated, xenophobic, ill informed types, they then show us that the people whose opinion of us this represents are not sufficiently literate to understand what ‘bigot means’.

What is a bigot then? That term has become vastly overused by people who think they are intellectual but really are just Pavlov’s Dogs, responding in a programmed way to emotional triggers. Thus ‘bigot’ is now used to describe everyone from foreigner-hating skinheads to feminist academics who question transgenderism, the buses are so wide ranging that, like the words ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’ the English speaking nations have lost sight of their true meaning. In politically correct Newspeak bigot means ‘anyone whose opinions I do not like.’

The reality is that bigot has a very specific meaning. It doesn’t mean blunt or un-PC or even ‘anti –  immigrant’. It means, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘intolerance towards those who hold different opinions to oneself’. A bigot, the OED tells us is someone who is so ‘obstinately and blindly devoted to his own church, party, belief, or opinion’ that he comes to loathe those of a different church, party, belief or opinion. So as the debate over in Brexit rages on long after the last vote was counted, it is time to ask who, really, are the bigots?

The establishment narrative, dutifully echoed by most of mainstream media and followers of the politically correct left before the referendum and even more intensively after the referendum, says that Brexiteers are the bigots. They voted for ‘hate and xenophobia’. Brexit was ‘fuelled’ by ‘bigotry on the basis of national origin’ according to one commentator. It was a ‘vote for hate’, many pro-EU protesters claimed at a demonstration demanding the democratic vote be overturned that took place over the weekend following the vote.

The victory for Brexit means ‘prejudice [and] xenophobia’ have ‘won out over common sense’, says one  newspaper columnist. All the talk among the chatterati was of how out of sync they now feel with Britain, and how terrified they are by the ‘bigotry’ now finding public expression. All this wailing and gnashing of teeth is meant to give an impression that people who voted against democracy and for bureaucratic dictatorship are progressive, inclusive, multicultural and all round good sorts and the others — the 17.5million people who voted Leave — as backward, hateful, and general cunts who really should not be allowed to express an opinion because that are too stupid and ignorant to understand the issues. Remainers are against bigotry, Leavers are bigots, right?

This is an almost total inversion of reality. If we are talking about blind and obstinate devotion to a certain outlook, and a corresponding intolerance for those who hold different outlooks, then it is the Remain campaign and its media and political backers who have behaved as bigots. Their intolerance of the people who voted Leave, has been alarming.

‘The chavs have won’, one Glastonbury attendee told The Sunday Times. These people are ‘mindlessly angry’, says another. They are so lacking in basic nous and intelligence that they are ‘ripe for canny right-wing operators to manipulate’is the general opinion.  The leaders of Leave ‘lifted several stones’ to let these kind of views out, said one columnist, as if Leavers are insects. ‘It is as if the sewers have burst’, said another, as if they are shit.

You want to see bigotry? Look at all of that. It has been explicit and relentless and extremely ugly. After the referendum in particular, the media set has engaged in a great, long sneer at the hoodwinked idiotic public, looking with contempt, or even worse, pity, at the knuckle-draggers who have apparently destroyed our nation.

The Remain campaign relied heavily on scaremongering and emotional blackmail but drew much of its active support from the university dumbed down (see Pavlov’s dogs comment above) and the people 19th century social reformer William Cobbett referred to as tax eaters, i.e. people whose income is derived from the public purse. Among the teaching profession and in government and municipal offices supporters of Leave faced such extremes of bigotry they were afraid to state their opinions.  This is an exchange that appeared in a post Brexit thread on Spiked:

  • I work for a Labour-controlled local authority. Anyone who works for a local authority will know that there are a whole range of opinions it is better not to have at all, or, if you’re foolhardy enough to have them, never to articulate. On the morning of Friday 24 at my work place it was just thought axiomatic that no one voted leave. It would have been a brave soul who admitted voting with the majority.

    I work in local government too in London and voted Leave and feel distinctly uncomfortable and hesitant about saying I voted this way – there is just an assumption that everyone voted Remain. I feel cowardly but my best friend has already complained that I have ruined his daughter’s future.

    Thank you for the reply. At a meeting this morning of middle managers a fellow officer asserted to general approval that the outcome was a ‘triumph for the racists’. As usual when views of this kind are expressed, there was no call that people should keep their personal political opinions out of the workplace

    There are hundreds more, in that thread and others, complaining of the same thing, the bigotry of Remain supporters and their assumption that nobody in their profession or social class could possibly have voted remain.


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