Western media part of political elite, will never report Syrian massacre by US-led forces

This blog has said for years news media in the west, particularly th USA and Britain are not independent; they are part of a corporate / political cartel the task of which is to shape public opinion, so that the policies of the ‘Shadow Government’, implemented by politicians, are accepted by the public,” says Marcus Papadopoulos, publisher and editor of Politics First.

Papadopoulos raised the issue of an appeal by Syria to the United Nations, claiming that 45 civilians were killed and 50 more injured in US airstrikes outside the city of Manbij near Aleppo on Thursday. Following the strike, US Central Command (CENTCOM) admitted the airstrikes “may have resulted in civilian casualties,” but avoided putting any numbers on the casualties, claiming the matter was pending investigation.

CENTCOM said the aerial strike had been aimed at hitting ISIS forces concentrated in Manjib. Meanwhile, Western media has not published a single word about the alleged strikes that reportedly killed dozens of civilians. Imagine the screeching that would ensue had it been a Russian airstrike or an attack by Assad’s forces that caused the fatalities.

Commenting on this partisanship in reporting the conflict in Syria, Papadopoulos said, “It’s very important for people to understand the relationship between Western governments and Western media. Media outlets in America and Britain are not independent; they are very much a part of the political elite in Washington and London. Their responsibility, their job, their duty is to guide policy makers in America and Britain, to influence them and then to gather domestic support behind American and British foreign policy objectives wherever they are in the world.

“Why has Western media barely reported on American strikes against civilians in Syria? Well, it’s very simple. Western media is there to do the PR job of the British and American governments. They are there to project America and Britain as beacons of civilization, as the protectors, the guardians of human rights and democracy… It is therefore no surprise that they are not going to cover what was a blatant massacre by the American air force of civilians in Syria.”

In other words though the United Nations has been quick to condemn Syria and Russia for alleged atrocities that turned out to be false flag incidents, now Syria wants the UN to condemn U.S. coalition airstrikes it simply will not happen and unless they turn to alternative media western voters will never know of the bloodshed cause by their governments.

Largely this is due to who sits on the UN Security Council. The USA, Britain, France, Russia and China are the permanent members and each has the power to veto any policy decision. If Russia put forward a resolution to condemn the attacks in Syria, American and British and French representatives will veto it. Similarly when in 2014 the USA proposed creating a UN task force, a ‘coalition of the willing’ to invade Syria and depose Assad, Russia and China used their veto to block Obama’s attempt to start World War Three. Unfortunately we live in a world where these sorts of crimes by the American government, for example, will not be highlighted to Western audiences…
James Kirby, a US State Department, had the audacity, to say not long ago that of all nations in the world, the American military takes the greatest care when it comes to civilians in wartime. The people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki might have something to say about that when Americans dropped atomic bombs there. More recently the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya have experienced the tender loving care administered by US military operations. The people of Vietnam, especially the little girl in that iconic photo, running naked along a road with blazing napalm adhereing to her back, might have something to say about that; given that the Americans were the only ones that used napalm there is no way they can deny responsibility. The people of Serbia might add something about the depleted uranium shells Anerican forces, under the direction of Bill Clinton’s administration, fired there, causing massive increases in cancer. And of course the people of Yemen and northern Pakistan might have something to say about that, given the American drone wars there, which have killed thousands of civilians.

So it is really laughable how the American and British governments present themselves, but unfortunately there will not be a change in the way Western media reports on these atrocities and let’s call a spade a spade: it was an atrocity that the Americans carried out in Syria, but it’s not going to be exposed because Western mainstream media are very much a part of the globalist movement the elites hope will lead to a totalitarian world government.

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