Vote For The Vagina?

As the US election campaign becomes more bad tempered and Wikileaks exposes every day the depths of duplicity, corruption, deceit, cronyism and personal greed that is the main part of one candidate’s modus operandi, it is clear that if Hillary Clinton wins Americans are going to be subjected to at least four more years of the warmongering, economic and foreign policy incompetence, divisiveness and contempt for law and democracy that have been the trademark of the Obama Administration. So as the true criminal, elitist nature of the Democratic Party candidate has been revealed in thousands of leaked emails, why are people still prepared to vote for this despicable human being.

Today NPP posting on The Tap wrote:

“I think that just about all these Sanders supporters will give their vote to Trump, and here’s why. These people are not going to be duped into voting for a psychopathic mass murdering, serial rapist protector and criminal like Hillary Clinton just because she’s not a republican or because she’s a woman. Yes, she will get people voting for her because she has a vagina. Voting for Hillary Clinton because she has a vagina is exactly the same as voting for Adolf Hitler because he was Aryan; it’s driven by the same mind set….

Hillary Clinton is probably the most dangerous human being in a position of high political power since Joseph Stalin.

We have all the toe rags of the American establishment – Glen Beck, Huffington Post, Michael Moore – going after Trump non-stop. This shows how terrified the political machine, both democrats and republicans, are of him…

It is true of course, just as a large proportion of voters in 2008 and 2012 would not be told Barack Obama was a wholly owned asset of the neocons who controlled the hated Bush Administration and would prove a socially divisive and economically disastrous president, and insisted on voting for his skin colour (correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t someone quite famous once say something about dreaming of living in a country where people were judged by the quality of their character rather than the colour of their skin?) so the same block of voters are now preparing to vote for a war monger, proven traitor, tax evader, fraudster and election cheat solely  because she has female genitals.

As a colleague of mine said in a recent post on Boggart Abroad, “This blog can’t understand why the candidate’s genitals should be a factor in the election, after all, in every election from 1988, Americans have voted to put a cunt in The White House.”

Wall Street ‘Whistleblower’ Exposes Clinton Foundation Fraud

The Wall Street executice said of Hillary: “The woman is a phoney, a self interested, self aggrandizing elitist with a sense of entitlement the size of a galaxy. Whatever Hillary does, and whatever minority group the claims she is acting in the interests of, you can bet the main beneficiaries are Hillary Clinton, her family and her cronies.”
No surprise then that a whistleblower has exposed Hillary’s charity, ‘The Clinton Foundation as a fraud.

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