Willie Boy Doesn’t Wear A Wedding Ring. So What.

There has been a petit kerfuffle going on in social media and the gutter press apparently about Prince William not wearing a wedding ring, the usual sort of bollocks: “Does it mean he is not totally committed to The Duchess Of Kate, is he playing away from home etc. (that one really is stupid, ring or no ring, you’d have to be extremely thick to be unaware that Prince William is married.

The noise has become so irritating however that Buck House has issued a statement on behalf of the Prince, explaining that “it is simply down to personal preference. It was something the couple discussed but Prince William isn’t one for jewellery.”

Now the ideas that if women have to wear wedding rings men should too, and that men not wearing wedding rings is some kind of modern rejection of commitment are just two of the many stupid notions thrown up by the feminist movement. First, when I was married in 1974 it was not considered de rigeur for men to wear wedding rings, my Dad and uncles didn’t, my Grandads didn’t, no married men of my acquaintance did. It simply wasn’t deemed necessary in an era when few men wore jewellery, not necessarily effeminate, just superfluous. My wife’s father did not wear a ring, nor did her brother or brother in law. And I do not compel her to wear a ring, it’s her choice.

As for the idea that men choose not to wear wedding rings to facilitate extra marital relation, I can’t claim to have been a faithful husband (as the old joke goes I’ve had a few wives but only one I was married to,) but every woman I’ve ‘known’ during my 40 year marriage knew my status. And the fact that they were wearing rings didn’t stop them. Ah but the self righteous followers of the politically correct left have never understood human nature.

My lack of interest in adornments is not confined to wedding rings, I don’t wear any jewellery, not even a wrist watch. That’s my preference and I find it irritating when people who do not know me try to infer meanings from such choices. When I was young the attitude was that  the only males who wore jewellery were pirates, poofters and gypsies. Such pressure to conform has never influenced me, I simply never found rings, earrings etc. appealing.

I believe however that all men, no matter what their nationality, race, religion, political persuasion or sexual preference should do exactly what they feel like doing by way of personal adornment and pay no heed to the opinions of others, particularly those whose opinions are shaped by political ideology. Plenty of wedding ring wearing men have been wife beaters, control freaks or serial adulterers, so let’s respect individual choices that really say nothing about a person except, in this case, that they are not wearing a ring.

William might just have some difficulty over his dislike of adornment during his eventual Coronation but the monarch does not have to wear a ‘Coronation Ring’ all the time. That sort of thing rarely bothers us lesser mortals, does it, but in my case interfering moralists telling me what I should and should not do really pisses me off.

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