A Special, Brand Boosting Song For The New President.

Though I am a very sound sleeper, this morning I was rudely awakened at some obscene hour (well OK, it was around 6:30 am but I’m not a morning person) by Mrs T. a fully paid up, card carrying insomniac, sitting up in bed next to me, singing a daft song familiar from our childhood back in the 1950s. “WTF”, I asked (well it probably sounded more like Wurr durr furr).

“I’m singing Nellie The Elephant for America’s new president, she replied brightly. Slowly becoming aware I registered that the talking heads on 24 hour news were not talking about the usual things but were getting quite animated about President Trump.

“To Bombay, a travelling circus came,
they had an intelligent elephant
and Nellie was her name …” Teri trilled happily

“Nellie The Elephant, wurr durr furr,” you might well ask. But given the new president’s name and the image used for his party logo, it’s highly appropriate, scroll past the image of American politics’ bad hair day to see a snip of the lyric. Links to full lyric and video further down.

To Bombay
A travelling circus came
They brought an intelligent elephant
And Nellie was her name

One dark night
She slipt her iron chain, and off she ran
To Hindustan and was never seen again

Nellie the elephant packed her trunk and
Said goodbye to the circus
Off she road with a trumpety trump
Trump trump trump

The head of the herd was calling far far away
They met one night in silver light
On the road to Mandaley

Nellie the elephant packed her trunk and
Said goodbye to the circus
Off she road with a trumpety trump
Trump trump trump

Video embed below(full lyric) ( video link)


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