Donald Sutherland Is a C…

Having my daily quick scroll down my Facebook timeline today I stumbled on a link to a Milo Yiannopolous posts about Donald Sutherland. The privileged, rich old has been has been whining about how ashamed being a WHITE MALE makes him because he’s you know, so privileged.
(I can probably point him to quite a few people sleeping rough in UK city centres on this cold night, who don’t feel privileged to be white males at all, and quite a few more zero – hours contract workers wondering if they will get enough paid work between now and Christmas to be able to put a dinner of SPAM and chips on the table for the kids …)
So what Mr. Sutherland is really saying is that all us white males, comfortably off ones like me and most of my mates who consider ourselves privileged to live in a civilised nation with a good healthcare system decent wage levels and something approaching the rule of law, and the less privileged, the minimum wage and zero hours workers, guys on the doles, guys in cancer wards wondering if they will see the New Year, people who work weekends and holidays and hardly see the family and so on, we should all feel ashamed of being white and male.

I was delighted to see a few days ago the ‘Is A Cunt‘ web site is still running or is up and running again. That means I can go along tomorrow and nominate Donald Sutherland to be given the accolade DONALD SUTHERLAND IS A CUNT. And maybe they will let me recommend to Mr Sutherland that if he feels so ashamed of being a white male, rather than demanding we all share his shame, he seeks a cure for his condition from one of those Swiss clinics where ever so nice doctors and nurses will relieve old pand chronically sick people of the burden of life.

Because I do not feel even slightly ashamed, and that is without thinking of all the black, Asian and oriental males who are richer and more privileged than I am.


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