Humanitarian Crisis Unfolds in Yemen, As US-EU-NATO backed Saudi war destoys another nation.

With the attention of the word fixed on the totally misrepresented humanitarian crisis surrounding the evacuation of Aleppo in Syria (it is Obama’s beloved moderate rebels who are attacking convoys of refugees, why would Assad’s troops attack their own convoys FFS), another humanitarian crisis has been building in Yemen. In a small nation crippled by years of war with the brutally oppressive authoritarian regime in neighbouring Saudi Arabia, a rich oil state with an army and airforce equipped with sophisticated US and European made weapons, and now devastated by hunger as Saudi air strikes have destroyed infractructure and the economy, every ten minutes a  Yemeni child in Yemen dies of malnutrition, diorrhea or respiratory infections. A recent UNICEF report reveals over 400,000 Yemeni children suffering from acute malnutrition. Without expert medical attention, these children will die, and while the ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives have always been quick to accuse the regime in Syria of war crimes even though it was the Obama backed rebels who attacked hospitals in government held areas, they have been completely silent about similar Saudi atrocities in Yemen. The situation is so dire that over half of the entire nation’s 25 million people do not have sufficient food or access to clean water.

Why are Yemeni children dying? Since 2014 Yemen has been consumed by a civil war, in which a justified rebellion against an oppressive regime has been thwarted by intervention from the theocratic regime in the nation of Sunni Muslim head amputators, vagina mutilators and torturers of disobedient wives,  Saudi Arabia.  In March 2015, the Saudi government increased its involvement in the internal conflict in Yemen because it was worried that a more pro-Iran faction—the Shia Muslim Houthis—would take over the government. Since then, with U.S. weapons and logistical support, the Saudis have been pounding Yemen. This 20-month-old Saudi bombing campaign has not only killed thousands of innocent Yemenis, but caused a breakdown of society in the poorest country in the Middle East.

And yet we hear no word of protest from the world’s greatest hypocrite Barack Obama or his humiliated sidekick Hillary Clinton. Human rights only extend to people who support the US regime’s wold domination agenda it seems.

The only way to end the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is to end the conflict. That means pressuring the Saudis for a political solution and imposing an immediate ceasefire by military action if necessary. Western air patrols over Yemeni territory, with an order to shhot down any Saudi warplanes flying over Yemeni territory should be enough to deter the Saudis. But that will not happen because Barack Obama is a fan of Sunni Muslim extremism as he has shown throughout his eight years as US President.

The Yemen crisis should also serve as a reason for western governments to reconsider their alliance the Saudi regime. Ever since the founding of the kingdom in 1932, US administrations have allied themselves with a government that beheads non-violent dissidents, forces women to live under the dictates of male guardians and permits the stoning of disobedient wives, murders homosexuals, treats foreign workers like indentured servants, and spreads the brutal savagery of Wahhabi Islam around the world. Saudi Arabia is also a regime that funds Al Qaeda affiliates in Syria and Iraq, crushes democratic uprisings in neighboring countries like Bahrain, as well as waging a catastrophic war in Yemen.

In spite of all this, western leaders seem besotted by the wealth of Saudi Arabia and are willing to make hypocrites of themselves rather than be honest about Saudi human rights violations and war crimes.

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USA and NATO Aiding Massive Yemen Genocide In Support Of Saudi Arabia
Civilians in Yemen are still in the grip of a major humanitarian crisis as Saudi Arabia’s war on the republic continues. Shocking numbers are affected including 7 million civilians facing severe malnutrition, and 19 million out of the country’s 27 million population “in need of some form of aid.” However, all of this is made worse by the Saudis having imposed a blockade on humanitarian support.

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