Tory Members Reject Proposals For Gender Balanced Parliament

A report by the Women’s and Equalities Committee has recommended the government to introduce legislation to ensure a gender balanced House of Commons if political parties won’t put in place measures to achieve gender parity. Currently about 30 per cent of Britain’s 650 MPs are women, but feminists and other left wing activists say this is too low. Lefties of course would like to see MPs appointed by ‘the inner party’, a system which has virtually been in place for decades in the Labour safe seats of the north and midlands.

The report advises that the parties adopt strategies for placing women in “winnable” seats and set out publicly their plans for putting more women in the Commons, chastising them for fielding mostly male candidates at the last election. In other words the report wants to see quotas for women in Parliament. And after that, the black quota, Muslim quota, gay quota etc.

Government, the report adds, has committed to achieving women’s full and equal participation under the Sustainable Development Goals and therefore has a “role in setting and delivering national targets to achieve this”, including, it suggests, fining parties who fail to meet the 50 per cent target. Now they don’t actually give a source for that claim, but ‘government’ certainly have not committed to achieving equal representation for women because that would be undemocratic.

The report has been supported by Conservative MP and chairman of the Committee, Maria Miller (Government? In her own mind maybe.), who said: “We are calling on political parties to publicly set out the measures they plan to take to increase the proportion and number of women parliamentary candidates in 2020. We must ensure that previous positive trends do not stagnate or reverse. There is no room for complacency.”

She added: “In their evidence to our inquiry, the leaders of political parties agreed that the Commons would benefit from gender equality, and a range of initiatives is in place to improve the situation. But we saw little to justify their confidence that these will be sufficient.

“We need concrete action plans. We need party leadership to provide clear and strong direction in working with local parties to deliver more women candidates. We need to see more women candidates in winnable seats.”

Hmm, it seems Ms Millar equates party leaders with ‘government’ but of course the people out in the sticks may have other ideas. One of the trends that has destroyed confidence in politics is the penchant of Conservatives, Labour and ex – party The Liberal Democrats to parachute into constituencies as candidates for reasons of political correctness, former SPADS who know nothing of the constituency or its people. Such candidates are often more interested in serving the interests of the party that of the people who elected them.


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