Black Racists Slam Lack of ‘Diversity’ in Dictionary of People who Shaped Britain

Will somebody please tell these stupid, race obsessed, left – wing paskudniaks to shut the fuck up, whether you’re white or black it’s a privilege to live in Britain and if they don’t like our history or culture they can fuck the fucking fuck off

 o-cantor-de-reggae-smiley-culture-2741987-1300281799457_560x400Smiley Culture: Did he really shape Britain? (see below)

Call me old fashioned if you like possums,  but I’ve read quite a bit of history and it has left me with the impression that Smiley Culture, entertaining as he was, did not do quite as much to shape Britain as, say, Kings Alfred and Athelstan, Hereward the Wake, Thomas a’Becket, Empress Matilda, John of Gaunt, John Wycliffe, Henry VIII, Thomas Cromwell, Archbishop Cranmer, Queen Elizabeth 1, William Shakespeare, Oliver Cromwell, Freeborn John Lilburne, John Locke, Abraham Darby, Jethro Tull Robert Walpole, Arthur Wellesley, Thomas Telford, Isambard Brunel, JMW Turner, William Cobbett, Joseph Bazalgette, Henry Mayhew, The Pankhurst family and so on.
An incomplete and deplorably white and male list maybe, but hey, history is what it is and we are a north European people. Were we an island off the coast of Africa it may have been different..

And here is Smiley Culture with his song Police OfficerGood stuff, but does it really do anything to shape the nation.

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Questions from ancient history
<a href="file://C:/work/Web Projects/Jenny's Den/alltoday/done/history-cavepeople-norfolk.shtml"rs BC or Norfolk?1 million yeas

Ragnarok! Spamageddon Is Upon Us
The Vikings, those jolly, boozy, Spam noshing deflowerers of our maidens and adulteraters of our wives were not alway having a riotous time. They managed to sober up and stop fighting long enough to create a mythical tradition that provided a moral compass and explaind how life began and how the world will end. With a great battle between the forces of light and darkness dubbed Ragnarok apparently. read about it here.

Our Debt To Islam
In the dark ages the light of wisdom was almost extinguished in Europe and North Africa by the religious fanaticism of Christians. Read how the scientific knowledge accumulated by ancient civilisations in India, the Middle East and around the Mediterranean Sea was kept alive in the Islamic world and retransmiited to Europe through the independence of Christian monastic orders.

Blake’s Heaven

Its amazing how many people can talk of a sense of deep calm, of oneness when looking at the ocean. Maybe it is the vastness, perhaps that water is so essential to all life and such a large part of us. Or again, maybe deep in the subconscious there dwells a realisation that the sea is the cradle of all life. But is the ocean instilling that sense of spiritual oneness or does it merely reflect our being?

A Short history of Contraception and Abortion: Part 1.

Cavewomen and Contraception: first in a four part series on the way removing women’s right to control their bodies was a powerful tool in subjugating the gender. This opener deals with the earliest beginnings among the mother worshipping tribes and clans of the neolithic age.

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