The Folly Of women Against Trump Protests

It strikes me (as an outsider) that the feminists protesting against Donald Trump over in the USA are doing their cause more harm than good with their idiotic antics and strengthening support for the new US President.

It is not just the rioting, petrol bomb throwing and violence that give the lie to the liberals’ claim to have a monopoly on intelligence, reason and decency, but the contrast between their violent and hate filled rhetoric and the peaceful and articulate protests of the allegedly ignorant and extremist ‘right wing nut jobs’ but the sheer crudity and lack of class shown by these university brainwashed, drug addled, emotionally needy losers.

Having demonstrated what they are to everybody who cares to observe their stupid efforts to shock, they feel the need to go further by actually dressing up as cunts in case anybody missed the point.



Inauguration crowd size lies: The Hypocrisy Of Mainstream Media Is Infinite When They Can Publish Shite Like This
Crowd size experts estimate Trump’s audience at far fewer than the million or more that Trump is claiming. And side-by-side photographs allegedly show the contrast between the gathering for Trump’s inauguration and the one in 2009 for former president Barack Obama’s. Well OK, but are these the same crowd size experts who claimed over a hundred thousand had turned out to see Obama when he visited Berlin, when eye witnesses said they doubted there were even ten thousand?

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One thought on “The Folly Of women Against Trump Protests

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