Which Service Do You Need, Fire, Police, Ambulance Or Hairdresser.

Post Brexit, post Trump, with Frexit, Nexit and Quitaly already set in motion, I decided it was time to get back to fiction writing. Having done a rewrite of a story from some years back I’m at the very boring stage of copy editing (typos, commas, apostrophes etc.) and to give my eyes a break I looked up at some documentary Mrs T is watching.

A hairdresser is talking to a customer who, feeling a bit down because she’s been in a motorbike accident, has decided needs pampering.

“We’re like a rescue service,” the hairdresser chirrups,”we rescue people when they’ve had a traumatic experience.”

Hey, here’s an answer to the crisis in the health service, never mind the paramedics or A&E doctors, when people are in a mess and need help staying alive, send in the hairdressers.

A Couple of Smiles Before It Gets Even More Painful
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