French Finance Minister Says UK’s May Is Not In A Position To Negotiate With Trump

You have to wonder just who the testicularly deficient little pen pushers of the failing EuroNazi project think they are. What do they not understand about Brexit that enables them to think they can still tell us what we can and can’t do? They may have got away with it while cottaging Prime Minister Blair or Old Etonian bum boy Cameron were in charge, or even the emotionally unstable, psychotic clown Brown, but the world has changed. Soon we will be supporting campaigns for Frexit, Nexit and Quitaly as the Pan – National Socialist dream of a federal European superstate falls apart.

French Finance Minister: “May Is Not In A Position To Negotiate With Trump”

With Theresa May – preparing to enact Article 50 officially starting the Brexit process from the EU – set to meet Trump tomorrow as the new US president’s first meeting with an international leader to lay the groundwork for a U.S.-U.K. trade deal, the outcome will provide the first test for how world leaders can deal with Donald Trump, who has put the world on edge with his recent push for isolationism and trade protectionism, culminating most recently with his tweet that Mexico’s president needn’t bother visiting if Mexico will not pay for the wall along the Mexican-US border.

“As we rediscover our confidence together –- as you renew your nation just as we renew ours –- we have the opportunity, indeed the responsibility, to renew the special relationship for this new age,” the U.K. prime minister will tell Republican lawmakers gathered in Philadelphia on Thursday, according to excerpts from her prepared remarks. “We have the opportunity to lead, together, again.”

As Bloomberg notes, the good news for May, who’s due to meet Trump at the White House on Friday, is that he’s eager to cement relations and nail down a U.K. trade deal too — for his own reasons. He’d like to further drive a wedge into a fractured Europe and strengthen at least one trade relationship as he exits the Trans-Pacific Partnership and prepares to renegotiate Nafta. Read more >>>

Surprising then that the failed bureaucrats of Brussels, like this cheese eating surrender monkey still delude themselves that they are calling the shots. The New World Order is dead my lads, us alt-media activists have exposed your scheme and the population has awoken.

If the socialists and conservatives of France’s traditional parties combine to stop Marine Le Pen becoming president in their election in a few months, the country is likely to see a breakdown of civil order because with two politically incompatible parties forced to work together, the government will not be able to get its routine business done.

If Hausefrau – Voksfuhrer Merkel’s latest neo – Nazi scam to abolish the right of free speech and suppress adverse comment and criticism of her immigration, globalist and pro – EU Integration policies ahead of national elections and prevent the nationalist AfD from taking their democratically awareded place in government, Germany, where civil order is already broken, will be torn apart.

In the Netherlands, where Geert Wilders’ anti immigration party is already surging in polls, the mainstream parties are getting the message and saying that to allow uncontrolled immigration to continue will destroy the nation politically, economically and culturally.

And in Italy, if EU meddling prevents elections that will certainly propel Beppe Grillo’s Five Star movement and the Liga Nord to prominence, the country will return to a state of chaos and instability with governments falling every few months.

Back off Eurocrats, you are yesterday’s men. Let Trump and May show the way forward to a future under the Westphalian system as nations look after their own affairs within their own borders. Globalism has failed!

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