French Presidential Candidate Unveils Immigration Policy – It’s The Kalergi Plan

Former investment banker, presidential candidate and associate of Hillary Clinton and George Soros, Emmanuel Macron declared during a debate on climate change this week,“We have entered a world of great migrations and we will have more and more of it [migration]”,

Speaking at a discussion staged for Science and Future magazine, the independent candidate who is said to have appeared from nowhere in the election race (which in itself should make him deeply suspect – who is funding his campaign?) announced that the world has entered an age of mass migration which will be inescapable for Europe.

“In the coming decades we will have migrations from geopolitical conflicts that will continue to play, and we will have climate migrations because the planet is in a state of deep imbalance,” he said.

France’s failure to tackle climate change will have contributed to these mass migrations, according to Macron, who argued that the country must “reconcile a principle of solidarity with the ‘refugees’”.

Voicing a stance diametrically opposite to that of his rival Marine Le Pen, who wants to close France’s borders, Macron said the country’s geographical location makes resisting the migrant tide impossible.

“France will not be able to stem it, and Europe will be affected immediately. We will see a migratory phenomenon far greater than what we have seen [with migrants from] Syria.”

On Wednesday the sociologist and writer Mathieu Bock-Côté warned that Macron, who, according to corrupt and partisan mainstream media, has a strong chance of winning the presidential election later this year, embodies “all that France wants to extricate itself from”.

“Excessive globalism and cultural leftism are in contradiction with the aspirations that seem to come from the depths of the country,” he wrote in Le Figaro.

It was revealed on Wikileaks that Macron, who is often described as having appeared in the presidential race “from nowhere”, was working on an alliance with Hillary Clinton last year.

The globalist candidate had requested the Democratic presidential candidate’s presence at a private roundtable dinner in October with several European politicians including UK Labour MP and committed world government supporter Chuka Umunna, according to an email published on Wikileaks.

At this, a discussion “to evaluate how progressives develop a successful political and economic narrative to counter the right and populists to the left” was due to take place.

What Macron is proposing is of course is the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan and the leftist candidate has not even bothered to disguise it. Austrian aristocrat Richard Coudenhove – Kalergi, whose socialist thinking influenced Hitler (although they differed in their opinion of Jews,)  and foresaw a “united” Europe in which races and borders had been destroyed as the precursor to a one world government.

He said the man of the future will be of mixed race, calling for Europeans to mix with Blacks & Asians to create a European-negroid race.

Kalergi did not envision the disappearance of the Jewish, but was a big fan of theirs, seeing them as a natural “elite” who would rule the masses through their control of paper (media), coin (banks & money supply) and powder (arms industry).

From the outset, Kalergi received funding from powerful Jews such as Max and Paul Warburg, Bernard and Felix Baruch, yet the plan was put on hold in the 30s as Hitler opposed the idea.

After the war, the Kalergi plan was revived given support from Churchill and Jewish masonic lodge B’nai Brith among others.

It was B’nai Brith that presented Merkel with an order of merit in 2008 for her commitment to the Jewish people. Two years later she received the Kalergi award for her commitment to destroying the European people.

Speaking of Merkel, the largest branch of Pegida in Germany claim she is Jewish and say it’s well-known among Germans.

Among other points in Coudenhove – Kalergi’s world domination plan were many proposals for social engineering by law, including a measure permitting the state to impose marriage partners on citizens to prevent marriage between members of the same ethnic group.

On Macron’s other main point, Climate Change is a narrative created by socialists to redistribute the wealth in the world from rich to poor countries, the trade with climate certificates is the way they do it. Now that more and more non-socialist leaders are questioning the one-sided climate research, the socialists are opening for as much migration possible.

The socialist ideology is to push everyone down at the same level to have power over all humans. By destroying all existing social constructs like gender, families, and mixing of races they want to create one socialist power controlled by one political elite. Look at the EU today, controlled by socialist politicians, one national EU anthem, creation of one common language, one economy, no borders. Their plan is already on the surface and must to be stopped before it’s to late. We have to eradicate the socialist agenda once and for all, this ideology is even worse than Islam.


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