After Leaked video Of Adolescent Idiocy Uber’s CEO Wants You To Know He Needs To “Grow Up”

Last night, following the video leak of a combative exchange between Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and his driver over Uber’s fare structure, which culminated with Kalanick suggesting that his driver should “take responsibility for his own shit”, we asked: “So, where should we set the over/under on Kalanick’s remaining tenure with Uber?”

Fast forward less than 24 hours and it’s clear that Kalanick is feeling the pressure after sending an apology email to Uber staff saying that he’s “ashamed” of his comments and clearly needs to “grow up” and seek “leadership help.” Per the Financial Times.

The best place for any arrested adolescent to tackle the difficult task of growing up and learning how to be a good “leader” is at the helm of a $60 billion company. But the valuation of Uber is hugely fanciful of course, they have no product, no stock in trade, no reliable cashflow, in fact all they are is a mobile phone app. And any female who gets in one of Ubers unlicenced, unregulated cabs with an unvetted driver who could easily be a convicted rapist is taking her like in her hands.

As fot Kalanik, this blog thinks it is not a simple case of arrested adolescence he is dealing with (all Silicon Valley billionaires are arrested adolescents,) the case is he’s a cunt. And as Bronn says to Tirion in Game Of Thrones, “There’s no cure for being a cunt.”


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