Terror Hits Russia – 9 Killed In St. Petersburg Metro Blast

Earlier today a bomb went off in an underground railway carriage in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. The explosive charge had been pack with shrapnel to cause maximum injury and bloodshed. Authorities in Russia were not as mealy mouthed as western governments and quickly announced they are treating the atrocity as an act of terror perpetrated by Islamic extremists.

Authorities in the USA and Europe usually perform all sorts of rhetorical contrortions rather than admit that such terrorist crimes are usually linked to Islamic extremist groups. If past experience is anything to go by the Russia government will not try to shirk their responsibility to protect their citizens, citing the need to avoid inciting more violence as justification for inaction.

The head of Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee said the blast hit the train between Sennaya Ploschad and Tekhnologichesky Institut stations. Images posted on social media showed a badly mangled carriage, with a number of casualties nearby.

A spokesman for St Petersburg’s governor said at least 10 people had been killed and 50 injured. But minutes later, Russian National Anti-Terrorist Committee said the death toll was nine, with 20 hurt.

Another bomb found, deactivated after St. Petersburg subway blast kills 10, injures 50; Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee says it has found and deactivated a bomb at another St. Petersburg subway station.


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The Senior National Co-ordinator for Counter Terrorism has revealed that police are making terror-related arrests “on a near daily basis”. Meanwhile, a study estimates the number of Islamists in the country is “between 6,000 and 10,000”. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu of the Metropolitan Police revealed the scale of the struggle police face to contain terrorism by home grown extremists in a statement to reporters …

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