While Snowflakes and SJWs Screech About Syrian Gas Attack false flag incident …

While those Americans who call themselves ‘liberals’ and Europeans who identify as socialists or ‘the left’ demonstrate once again the hypocrisy and of their moral relativism as they scream and rage over the obviously CIA instigated ‘false flag’ gas attack in Syria, and cheer President Trump’s response even though (again) no evidence had been offered to indicate Assad’s troos were responsible for the alleged atrocity.

Enough has been said already about the attack but what is interesting is the way the people who were supporters of the anti – war movement when George W Bush was US President but cheered for Obama in all his asymmetric wars are now totally committed to cause of Washington’s perpetual war party. But as always with hypocrites, it is a case of one law for us, another for everybody else, because they are quite happy about the US military’s use of chemical weapons as this story from Afghanistan (yes it’s still game on there) reveals:


A little girl burned beyond recognition by a U.S. drone in Afghanistan was left for dead in a trashcan but eventually rescued and taken to a MSF hospital where she had to undergo reconstructive surgery. The chemicals in the missiles burn so hot they can set a tank on fire, but apparently the use of such chemical weapons by the USA is somehow morally different from the chemical weapons allegedly used by the Assad regime against ISIS held positions in Syria.

The Hellfire thermobaric warhead uses a metal augmented explosive charge is used primarily in urban warfare, against bunkers, buildings caves and other concealed targets. This warhead is designed to inflict greater damage in multi-room structures, compared to the Hellfire’s standard or blast-fragmentation warheads. The Metal Augmented Charge or MAC (Thermobaric) Hellfire, designated AGM-114N, has completed rapid development cycle in 2002 and was deployed during OIF by US Marines Helicopters in Iraq.

The “thermobaric” Hellfire AGM-114N warhead creates an intense, sustained pressure wave that can strike around corners in “caves, bunkers and hardened multi-room complexes,” according to the manufacturer, Lockheed Martin Corp.

The warhead contains a fluorinated aluminum powder that is layered between the warhead casing and the PBXN-112 explosive fill. When the explosive detonates, the aluminum mixture is dispersed and rapidly burns. The resultant sustained high pressure is extremely effective against enemy personnel and structures and also against non – combatants, including innocent children. The AGM-114N is designed for deployment from helicopters such as the AH-1W or UAVs such as the Predator drones.


Russia, Iran, Turkey agree on Syria safe zones, opposition cries foul
In a move that excluded the USA and NATO from the decision making process on s middle east conflict, the major regional powers, on Thursday 4 May Russia, Iran and Turkey signed a memorandum on creating safe zones in Syria, while the delegation of the armed Syrian opposition walked out and shouted angrily after a new round of peace talks held in the Kazakh capital Astana.
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