How Much Trouble The UK Electricity Grid Is In

from The Energy Advocate
A report published by the Green Alliance has raised serious concerns about the stability of the UK energy network.

The report advocates an intervention to avert an impending ‘disaster’ which will entail ‘rising bills, blackout risk and angry consumers’.

The report also specifically highlights the threat to energy security represented by electric car charging.

‘As few as six closely located vehicles charging together at peak time could lead to local brownouts,’ the report warns.

The report predicts the situation will worsen by 2023 when extensive charging of electric vehicles could cause ‘brownouts’ at evening peak times in the UK. This would cause the voltage to drop and prevent some household appliances from working.

According to Dustin Benton, the policy director of Green Alliance, the problem is increased by the fact that initial ownership of electric cars will probably lead to a high concentration in wealthy areas. This will exacerbate the risk of localised shortages.


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