Swedish Students and Vulnerable Pushed to Back of Housing Queue for Migrants

A new report from Sweden claims that students and other individuals considered to be vulnerable, who are established Swedish citizens have been bumped to the back of the housing queue as housing authorities, instructed by central government, have prioritised for recently arrived migrants.

The information has been published in the recent the county administrative boards’ progress report which shows that municipalities have given a clear housing priority for new migrants and asylum seekers, Swedish public broadcaster SVT reports.

Among those denied housing have been people who were seeking treatment for drug addiction or mental health issues and may now have to remain in treatment centres despite being able to live on their own.

The reason for the prioritisation is a law that allows the Swedish migration board to have a say in how accommodation in public housing projects is distributed.

“The consequence is that other people who need housing will be without it. We are not obliged to accommodate them,” said Hed Carlsson, Head of Corporate Social Services in Hässleholm.

“For example, people have been left in treatment homes, institutions, and care institutions instead of having their own apartment,” he added.

The move will also increase the financial burden the government’s insane “open doors” immigration policy has imposed on the Swedish taxpayers. Inward migration by unskilled, uneducated, illiterate and virtually unemployable third world peasants has increased the population of this small country by almost 5% in the past few years and the average cost to house an individual or family in an apartment is around 5,000 Swedish Krona (£453) per month while it costs the public 3,000 Krona (£272) per day to house them in a treatment facility.

“In addition to the cost of taxpayers, it is unthinkable from an individual perspective if a person with earlier abuse problems, for example, is ready to move to their own home but can not,” Carlsson said.

In addition to the current housing problem, the Swedish government is looking to house a further 100,000 migrants next year which will likely increase the problem.

In spite of uncontrolled immigration having created huge social and economic problems for Sweden, the ruling elite cling to their belief that the way to build a better future for the country is by treating Swedish born Europeans as second class citizens.


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