Expert Idiot Writes EU In BetterShape Than A Year Ago

Someone named Sophie Gaston wrote in The Daily Telegraph today:

One year ago, the European Union seemed to be on the brink. It had suffered an annus horribilis of political shocks, with three major elections looming on the horizon. Each of those elections represented an opportunity for its weathervane to swing perilously between a calm breeze and violent storms.

With each vote, the EU has taken meaningful steps way from the cliff edge of further destruction. In the shadow of Brexit, the bloc of 27 now feels collectively secure. But the situation has forced it to look hard at itself and become more disciplined, more clear about its own purpose. For EU member states the need for solidarity has never been more urgent, but profound frictions between and within them remain.

Better shape? Really?

Ms Gaston goes on to claim the Spanish regional election, which has held after Miguel Rajoy, the neo Fascist leader of the Madrid government dissolved Catalonia’s regional assembly and suspended its semi autonomous status, produced a pro – EU result. In fact while the pro – EU socialist party, which can always rely on the votes of professional dole claimants to bolster its political support, was the largest party, a coalition of parties supporting independence will have a majority in the new assembly. Let’s have a look what this might mean in a wider context.

The article is yet another demonstration of the fact that ‘expert commentators’ are defined by their common detachment from reality. The writer says that in the past twelve months the EU has become more stable and secure. So how are efforts to form a stable government in Germany going? Spain as we have all seen is falling apart and even the neo – fascist tactics deployed by the EU to disrupt the Catalonia referendum have not intimidated voters into abandoning the independence movement. The Visegrad group gains momentum with each crisis and it seems all the Bureaucratic Dictators in Brussels have left to whip member states into line with is good old “Here come The Russians” scaremongering.

And of course the EU bureaucracy is now engaged in a blatant attempt to depose the democratically elected government of Poland.

The EU looks a lot closer to falling apart now than it did this time last year.

This is a typical example of the sort of slavish devotion to the EU that Remainers have. A complete suspension of reality

“With each vote the EU has taken meaningful steps (a)way from the cliff edge of further destruction….. the block of 27 now feel collectively secure”

What utter nonsense, and what steps? Beating up on Poland, and interfering in its internal affairs. This offers an alarming insight into what the reality of a supra state would entail.

I have known a few Poles quite well in my life and have studied Poland’s history to some degree and I find it amusing to think that the sybaritic cyphers of the EU bureaucracy think they can puncture the Polish sense of nationhood and independence. This is just one example of the forces tending to break the EU apart because when the flow of money from Brussels subsides the adamantine determination of peoples to determine their own fate will remain. Rajoy is probably right when he believes that fascist violence is the only thing that will put the Catalan genie back in its bottle.

Spain, and the EU, had an opportunity to show respect for the Catalan people and give them a free and fair referendum. They didn’t, instead the people of Catalonia have been subjected to extrovert political oppression not seen in Europe for 40 years or more.

This year for the EU has been troubled, but not as bad as feared for them. Next year is going to be hell for them. Puidgemont has already stated he is going to follow the British model of leaving Spain and thereby the EU… aka a Catalonian version of the EU Withdrawal Bill. Which is going to cause massive problems for Spain and the EU given the economic problems that are currently dormant.

Poland, I expect them to leave the EU next year.

Italy, will more than likely have a Eurosceptic coalition of around 60% of the vote on withdrawing from the Euro, if not the EU itself.

Ireland, Donald Trump’s Tax Reform Act involves the repatriation of the Euro Dollar. He is giving the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon a tax break or incentive to repatriate $2.7 – $4trn worth taxes to the USA. Those companies are primarily based in Ireland. With the punitive retrospective tax hits by the EU, the US government are fighting Apple’s corner.

Britain, in all likelihood we will leave without a deal creating a massive black hole in the EU budget.

Germany, no government… likely to have to new elections increasing the power of the FDP and AFD.

Greece, how will they be effected by the contagion given the dormant economic problems?

If ever there was a ‘calm before the storm’ we are now in it and 2018 promises to be an interesting year for opponents of Euronaziism. Remainers in Britain carry on with their nonsense blissfully unaware that more than half of this nation would cheerfully watch them strangled with their own entrails. Elites blissfully ignore the hoi poloi up to and including the moment when the tumbril rumbles up to their own door. The EU elite makes the 18th century French aristocracy seem a model of sensitivity and awareness. How remarkable were the ancient Greeks who had a word for everything important… hubris, nemesis, catharsis…

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