Boggart Blog responds to slimy Macron’s Bayeux Tapestry Stunt.

We don’t see why the elite and various media hangers – on are feigning such excitement about that granny – shagger Macron’s offer to lend us the Bayeux Tapestry. It’s not so much a celebration of our joint history as a celebration of French perfidy. William the Bastard (in every sense of the word) usurped the throne of Britain by collaborating with the Norse king Harald Harada, he would have never beaten our boys alone. So here is our response to this gimmick, which is nothing but propaganda by Les Crapauds.

Monsieur Macron, merci mais pourquoi nous Britanniques voudrions votre vieille tapisserie qui célébré Guillaume le Bâtard et sa victoire déshonorante, ça a l’air qu’il a été brodé par des enfants de cinq ans et glorifie un tricheur et un menteur. Nous essuierons nos culs avec le. Peut-être voudriez-vous emprunter divers objets commémorant Poitiers, Crécy, Azincourt ou Waterloo, honorables victoires remportées par une nation noble et héroïque.

(Mr. Macron, than you but why would we British want your old tapestry which clebreates William the bastard and his dishonourable victory, it has the air of being embroidered by five year olds and glorifies a cheat and liar. We will wipe our arses on it. Perhaps you would like to borrow various artefacts which commemorate Poitiers, Crécy, Azincourt ou Waterloo, honourable victories won by the army of a noble nation.

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