Europhile Tory Patten brands votes like Brexit ‘appalling and a sin against parliamentary democracy’

Former Conservative Cabinet minister ‘Lord’ Chris Patten has spoken of his ‘horror’ over Brexit and warned the EU was ‘devouring’ his party as Remainers rage, raged against the dying of the Europe projects hoping to block the flagship EU bill during the first day of a marathon 48-hour debate.

Long time Europhile and elitist meritocrat Patten slammed his hand down and declared ‘I hate referendums’, branding them ‘appalling and a sin against parliamentary democracy’. (Yeah, well Chris, the two party system is a sin against parliamentary democracy too but you didn’t have a problem with that when it was serving your personal interests.)

Patten also said the EU referendum had been triggered to ‘manage’ the Tory party and it ‘blew up’ in the Government’s face. Hmm, that’s the problem with democracy, it doesn’t always deliver the result the elite want. Patten concluded by saying the ‘great sphinx’ of EU membership was making ‘a pretty good job of devouring the Conservative Party’.

Brexit Minister Lord Bridges tore into Theresa May’s dithering over Brexit – warning the transition period will be a ‘gang plank into thin air’ unless there is more clarity. He said the Government’s strategy risks descending into ‘meaningless waffle’ as the PM has failed to answer basic questions about what a future relationship looks like.’

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