Schools Boss Who Backed Infant Hijab Ban Faces Anti-Semitic Attacks

The head of the UK’s schools inspectorate has been targeted with anti-Semitic abuse after she backed a school’s decision to ban infant girls from wearing the Islamic headscarf.

Amanda Spielman argued that school leaders would ban under-eights wearing lipstick and high heels to class, they could also ban the hijab and face veil, which sexualise young girls.

There is nothing in Sharia Law which stipulates that pre-pubescent girls should wear the hijab or keep their hair covered, the wearing of headgear which totally covers female hair is a recent addition to Muslim dress rules for women which appears to have been invented by radical preachers hoping to emphasise the sense of otherness that serves to imose self segredgation on some parts of the Muslim community in Europe.

After the ruling Ms. Spielman quickly became the target of leftists and radical Muslims and received anti-Semitic attacks online, The Times reports.

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