Italians Horrified As Immigrants Barbecue Dog At Welcome Center

by Arthur Foxake, 16 February, 2016

Left – wing Italian animal rights activists are finding themselves somewhat conflicted over a news story from a refugee centre that broke this week. White left wing dogma prohibits criticism of immigrant or any people of the dark skinned races, news of a man’s attempts to barbecue a dog at an immigrant welcome center in southern Italy have shocked Italian animal lovers, while spokespeople for migrants insist the practice is normal where they come from.

Members of the Carabinieri, an Italian para – military police force, intervened after receiving an alarm call from an employee of the center who had witnessed a 29-year-old Nigerian man preparing a barbecue feat in which the butchered dog was the main course at the center in Vibo Valentia, in the Italian region of Calabria.

The man had succeeded in skinning and chopping up the canine and was in the process of grilling it for himself and some friends when he was stopped by armed police officers. The young woman who called the police is also a volunteer at a pro-animal organization in the area.

Explaining to police that such a practice is “normal where we come from,” the migrant insisted that he didn’t kill the dog but had found it dead by the side of the road and had decided to grill it (which makes the act even more disgusting.) He also pleaded ignorance of Italian laws forbidding eating cats and dogs. Police transferred the migrant to a different welcome center, located in the former Hotel Miragolfo in the nearby town of Nicotera.

Among countries of origin, Nigeria accounts for the largest single group of migrants entering Italy at present, with nearly twice as many (15.7 percent) Nigerians entering Italy during 2017 as those from Guinea, the second largest immigrant group by country of provenance (8.4 percent). Note, there are hardly any genuine refugees fleeing conflict zones in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq among the arrivals so we should drop the pretence that these savages are refugees.

Nigeria has been the focus of much local media attention in recent weeks, with reports of growth of a “ruthless” Nigerian mafia on Italian soil, and the brutal murder and dismemberment of an 18-year-old Italian girl, Pamela Mastropietro, allegedly at the hands of three Nigerian migrants.

Mastropietro’s dismembered corpse was discovered earlier this month in two suitcases outside the central Italian town of Macerata, but was missing her neck, heart and genitals. I suppose we should be grateful they didn’t try to eat her too.

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