Bored With Watching The Facebook Slow Motion Train Wreck?

by Arthur Foxake

We have to admit we are bored with reporting the latest developments in the disintegration of Mark Zuckerberg and his stategic partners (The US government and their security agencies the CIA and NSA) attempt to put everybody in the world under surveillance. It’s a story our editor, Ian foresaw several years ago because as a data networks expert before he retired he knew the potential of social media for capturing and analyzing user data.

And it was inevitable that at some point such potential would be abused. The inevitable has now happened so we will simply offer summaries of mainstream news unless we have something out of the ordinary to report.

Between fake news and data harvesting, Facebook has no way to win

from The New York Post

Mark Zuckerberg is stuck in a catch-22. Any fix for Facebook’s previous big problem — fake news — would make the current big problem with data harvesting worse.

As a media company and one of Americans’ top sources of information, Facebook’s de facto anonymity and general lack of responsibility for user-generated content make it easy for propagandists to exploit. Making matters worse, it isn’t willing to impose tighter identification rules for fear of losing too many users, and it doesn’t want to be held responsible in any way for content, preferring to present itself as a neutral platform.

So Zuckerberg has been trying to fix the problem by showing people more material from friends and family and by prioritizing “trusted publishers” and local news sources over purveyors of fake news.

But the Cambridge Analytica scandal shows people may not be OK with Facebook’s data gathering, improved or not.

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Lay Off Cambridge Analytica, Facebook Are The Evil Doers

Information Technology firm Cambridge Analytica are being attacked by the hysterical mainstream media mob for their alleged role in the alleged collusion between The Kremlin and Donald Trump to steal the US Presidency in 2016, and similar abuse of private date to influence the result of the Brexit vote. It should be Facebook under attack, Cambridge Analytica only took advantage of a deal Facebook offers on the open market …

US Senator Demands Zuckerberg ‘Be Subpoenaed’ to Testify Under Oath

Facebook begins Europe-wide censorship campaign against free speech.

Philanthropic” Mark Zuckerberg Will Place Facebook Shares In A For-Profit LLC

How Google Destroyed the Internet

Corporate plundering of the UK purse has to stop – Facebook pays zero tax again

Has Zuckerbugger Been Messing With Your Mind?

Facebook boss Zukerberg Wants To Own The Internet

damning details of Facebook’s largest-ever data breach at the hands of pro-Trump data firm Cambridge Analytica

as the social media giant’s share price continues to plummet as a result—Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) on Monday called on CEO Mark Zuckerberg to
testify under oath”Zuckerbrg to appear before Congress to explain why his company took so long to notify users that their information had been compromised.

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