Trump Threaten Syria: Moscow Reponds ‘Are missiles an attempt to destroy alleged chemical attack evidence

With the supremacy of America’s trigger – happy, war – crazy ‘deep state’ increasingly evident in the belligerent rhetoric being aimed at Russia over the latest alleged chemical weapons incident in Syria, which is probably the most blatant false falg attack of many which were intended, but have faied, to provide a pretext for US and NATO intervention to depose the Assad government in Damascus, a shooting war between the west and Russia looks more likely than ever.

There is of course no reliable evidence that any chemical weapon attack orcurred in the past few days, all reports have come from sources linked to ISIS / Al Nusra and accompanying photos and video has been identified as having also been used to support accusations of the Syrian regime. Also allegations claim the substance used was a lethal nerve agent but the video of rescure operations show first aid teams in ordinary clothing (not a hazmat suit in sight,) squirting water into the eyes of suppoed victims, which suggests they were affected by nothing more lethal than tear gas, which is commonly used by civilian police all around the world for riot control.

Responding to <a href="#“>threats from US President Donald Trump, who said Russia should prepare for “nice new and smart missiles” launched by America at Syria, Moscow said if the weapons Trump threatens to use were smart, they would target terrorists.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in response to Trump’s tweet on Wednesday the US may be seeking to undermine an inspection of the attack site by chemical weapons experts, who are scheduled to investigate in Syria after the incident which sparked the current confrontation between Russia and the US.

“Are the OPCW inspectors aware that smart missiles are about to destroy all evidence of the chemical weapons use on the ground? Or is that the actual plan – to cover up all evidence of this fabricated attack with smart missile strikes, so that international inspectors had no evidence to look for?” Zakharova asked.

Trump’s threat comes after Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin reiterated a point previously made by Russia’s President Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, that Russian troops, legitimately deployed in Syria in response to the Syrian government’s request to its allies for assistance in the conflict with Islamic extremists, have legal grounds to shoot down any American missiles attacking targets there, and may do so in case of an attack.

Meanwhile two former British ambassadors questioned claims that Assad is behind the alleged attack, which according to sources controlled by the anti – Assad rebels, killed dozens of Syrians. Peter Ford and Craig Murray expressed doubt, urging the UK government not to rush into a war without proof.

Former British ambassador to Syria Peter Ford, speaking during a heated interview on BBC Radio Scotland, believes that the reported chemical attack in Douma may not have been committed by Assad, contrary to claims by US President Donald Trump, among others.

Chemical warfare inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons are set to make a trip to Douma to inspect the scene of the alleged chemical attack – but Ford doesn’t think that Syrian leader Bashar Assad will be concerned about the analysis.

“I don’t think Assad is in the least worried that the inspectors will find out his guilt – he is probably not guilty on this occasion,” he said. “We have to engage our brains as well as our emotions here, not be stampeded by those videos which are described as being unverified, but which by dint of being repeated over and over again come to acquire a spurious credibility,” Ford added. “We have to ask ourselves what are the sources in this stampede to war?”

Mainstream media, which is owned by the same investors and hedge funds as own the military contractors and armaments manufacturers that will profit enormously should war break out, are not reporting a word uttered by those sceptical of this latest false flag incident.

Don’t Believe Mainstream Media: Russia Didn’t Attack US Troops in Syria
On February 16 Bloomberg published an article headlined: “Don’t Be Fooled: Russia Attacked U.S. Troops in Syria.” It was the start of the latest Russophobic shitstorm unleashed by the ‘liberals’ of mainstrteam media and social media in the USA against Russia. To give this story a little context, although under international law U.S. troops are …

Mainstream Media Reports Truth: West No Match For Russian Military Hardware

Is World War Three Really Kicking Off This Time?
The airstrikes by a US led coalition that killed many Syrian soldiers fighting for the legitimate government of Bashar al Assad against the terrorist forces of ISIS has raised the level of hostile rhetoric between the USA / NATO coalition and the Russia / China / Iran alliance. The likelihood of war seemed to have receded through the summer, after it seemed possible early this year, that one stray shell or bullet could spread the war beyond the middle east.

Only 5 Percent Of Russian Air Strikes Hitting Islamic, British Defence Secretary Lies
After an amazing outburst from the delusional Brack Obama left the United Nations General Assembly in stunned silence because Obama has accused Russia and China of all the recent breaches of international law of which the USA is demonstably guilty, the propaganda departments of western governments seem to have totally lost their grip on reality.

Evacuation of thousands of civilians from Ghouta unveiled the false propaganda of states that shed crocodile tears for them

Fake News: Thousands Flee Aleppo to escape Assad troops. Real News: Thousands flee Aleppo to join Assad army’s advance.
The world’s biggest FAKE NEWS organisation, the BBC has kept the pro – war propaganda generator turned up to eleven all week with reports of terrified Syrians fleeing Aleppo before the army of President Bashar al Assad arrived to crush the brave, head amputating, vagina mutilating, human organ noshing barbaric scum suckers freedom fighters of …

“MRC routinely finds instances when fact-checkers bend the truth or disproportionately target conservatives,” Bozell continued. “We are assigning our own rating to their judgments and will expose the worst offenders. Americans deserve the truth. There must be accountability across the board, and that includes these alleged arbiters of fact and fiction.”

via Syria Arab News Agency
Damascus, 16 March
Thousands of civilians left Eastern Ghouta safely despite all the efforts made by the terrorists to prevent them from leaving, and this mass evacuation confirms that all the crying and wailing by by mass media in the west, with claims that Assad was slaughtering his own people, are nothing but fake news exposing the hypocrisy of the western powers that want to depose the Syrian government.

Germany Furious About Washington’s Latest Sanctions On Russia
Image source: Millennium report Anybody who has an above zero IQ and follows alt_news must be aware by now that the US Congress’ latest sanctions against Russia are futile and will end up hurting US allies – and this time possibly the USA itself. Since Russia hasn’t done any of the things Washington and the …

Libya, Syria, Yemen: Sectarian conflict threatens entire Middle East

Another failure of US foreign policy leads to threat of war as a coalition of 10 Sunni Arab states launches a military offensive against Shiite Houthi militants in Yemen, recently proclaimed by America’s president as a brilliant example of war on terror, but now catapulting the Middle East into the inferno of battle.

Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You About America’s True Intentions in Syria

We have reported that in spite of Donald Trump’s insistence that the US goal in Syria is to beat ISIS and once that is done US forces can be withdrawn and military aid cease, the Deep State has a very different agenda involving the removal of the Assad regime and the division of that war torn nation into two states. Now we have another perspective on the Syria situation from Israel. It does not contradict our previous report but gives us a bigger picture of how serious the situation is.

Five Nation Plan To Divide Syria Into Two States

In a move that exposes exactly where the push to global conflict is being driven from, Turkish media has exposed a plan by five nations to divide Syria into two separate states. The Turkish-language newspaper Star Daily on Monday carried the shocking report that representatives of the USA, Britain, France, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, in secret meeting on Syria held in Washington decided the future of Syria.

Western Lies about Lies over Syria’s East Ghouta

Propaganda spread by Western governments, corporate news media, and the United Nations through Secretary General Antonio Guterres is once again misleading the public about what is going on in Syria, with the aim of eliciting emotional responses to the Assad regimes efforts to deafeat an extremely nasty and brutal enemy that has always been sponsored by the USA and NATO.

White House Says It Will Fake “Chemical Weapon Attack” In Syria
The White House claims that the Syrian government is preparing “chemical weapon attacks”. This is clearly not the case. Syria is winning the war against the country. Any such attack would clearly be to its disadvantage. The White House announcement must thereby be understood as preparation for another U.S. attack on Syria in “retaliation” for an upcoming staged “chemical weapon attack” …

US Gov’t Proves Loyalty To ISIS And Saudi Arabia Bill To ‘Stop Arming Terrorists’ Gets Only 13 Supporters

In a rare outbreak of common sense, a bill barring the US Federal Government from giving money and weapons to child murdering terrorists like the head amputators, slave dealers and human organ noshers of ISIS and Al Nusra (Barack Obama’s beloved ‘moderate rebels’,) garnered hardly any support from either the Democratic Perpetual War Party, or the Republican War Is Good Business Party.

What’s Really Happening With Saudi Arabia and Qatar Will Not Be Televised
While mainstream media is in a frenzy over what former FBI chief James Comey will say to a Congressional hearing about Donald Trump’s alleged links with Russia and attempt to shut down an investigation into those links, the UK election, Islamic extremist terrorism, football’s latest multi – million transfer deals, etc., as usual the really big story is hardly being reported. We bring you the story from The Anti Media,

Russia Warns the US Not to ‘Play With Fire’ in Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called on the United States not to “play with fire” in Syria. “I once again call on our American colleagues to avoid playing with fire and measure their steps proceeding not from immediate needs of today’s political environment, but rather from long-term interests of the Syrian people and of all peoples of this region, including the Kurds, …

Turkey, Russia, and Iran Meet For Summit On US Meddling In Syria
The leaders of Turkey, Iran, and Russia have agreed to hold a summit in Istanbul in the near future on the topic of Syria. Looming large over this is US relations. The three middle eastern regional powers have met in the past on trying to get a peace process going in Syria, but have been thwarted by western involvement in supporting groups trying to topple the Assad regime. Currently big issue occupying their minds is increasing hostility from the US.

Dutch Foreign Minister Admits To Lying About Putin / Russia
Every tyranny needs a scary monster in the form of a singular menacing villain, a Dr. Evil, to keep the people from rebelling against the scary, oppressive regime that rules them. This manufactured enemy also serves to justify massive military expenditures, the usurpation of democracy and centralisation of authoritarian powers, and endless wars.

Israeli attacks on Syria imperil Russia-backed de-escalation zone warns Moscow

A flare-up of hostilities in Syria on earlier this week resulted in Israel launching attacks on Syrian and Iranian targets after an Israeli warplane was shot down by a SAM fired by by unknown source. Syrian air defenses responded to the attack and one Israeli jet crashed. Israel eventually launched more attacks on Syrian and Iranian targets inside Syria.

We Will Destroy Islamic State In Three years Say Western Leaders
The NATO summit on Ukraine and ISIS wound up yesterday having achieved exactly what it was expected to achieve – nothing … There was some kind of agreemant that Britain will join the US is launching air strikes against the Islamic State militias … A war against ISIS would be a continuation of the war waged in Iraq from 2003, initially to overthrow the tyrant Saddam Hussein, and since his capture to restrain the wannabe tyrants queueing to replace him.

What’s Really Happening With Saudi Arabia and Qatar Will Not Be Televised While mainstream media is in a frenzy over what former FBI chief James Comey will say to a Congressional hearing about Donald Trump’s alleged links with Russia and attempt to shut down an investigation into those links, the UK election, Islamic extremist terrorism, football’s latest multi – million transfer deals, etc., as usual the really …

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