Fascist Left Latest: Diversity Of Thought Is Racist!

The first thing I came acroos as I logged on to the web today was a Dave Cullen video in which the content creator attacks what he describes as “two of the most regressive articles he has ever seen.”

I Didn’t have time to spend 18 min watching the video, but when I saw inside the first minute of of the articles Dave refer to in his headline is published under the headline “DIVERSITY OF THOUGHT IS JUST A EUPHEMISM FOR ‘WHITE SUPREMACY'” I knew it was essential ro come back and spend time listening to the whole thing.
What the article is saying is if you are white you are not allowed to think for yourself or hold your own opinions.

Such regressive shite is when the left will take society if you are naive enough to fall for their false promises about fairness and equality and vote for them.

See for yourselves, here’s the video:

And the two articles referred to? For people like myself who absorb information better by reading, a link to the one mentioned above with firmly establish the idea that “the progressive left” want society to progress all the way back to medieval serfdom.

‘Diversity of Thought’ Is Just a Euphemism for ‘White Supremacy’


Greenteeth Elsewhere:

Liberals Scream Everything Is ‘Racist’. Maybe It’s Liberals That Are Racist
This blog, considers its stance to be ‘classical liberal’, that is really liberal in its support of fairness, free speech and personal liberty and above all diversity of opinion and ideas and oppose such political sacred cows of the politically correct left as mass immigration and affirmative action …

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One thought on “Fascist Left Latest: Diversity Of Thought Is Racist!

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