I’m not dead, I’m getting better …

Real life becomes more and more like a Monty Python’s Flying Circus movie.

My favourite Python sketch (Image source: i3.kym-cdn.com)

The latest evidence of this is a story seized on by those sections always ready to demonise Russia, about the assassination by Russian government agents of a journalist in Kiev, Ukraine.

The reported killing of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko on Tuesday in Kiev turns out to have been a ruse by the Ukrainian law enforcement allegedly to prevent a plan to assassinate the writer, Ukrainian authorities said.

After the initial reports of Babchenko’s killing, some Ukrainian officials rushed to accuse Russian intelligence services of masterminding the assassination, a theme quickly taken up by print and broadcast media in the west.

Reporting on the high profile case on Wednesday, the head of the SBU, Ukraine’s national security service, Sergey Gritsak shocked audiences by revealing Babchenko was alive and unhurt.

He claimed that the SBU had information about a planned assassination attempt on the journalist and acted to derail the plot. It was not clear whether they did so as part of the deception or simply followed their usual habit of pinning every high-profile crime in Ukraine on Moscow.

Bring Out Your Dead scene –  Monty Python and the Holy Grail:


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