France: Macron Meltdown As Protests Gain Momentum

French railway workers let off smokebombs as they protest against President Macron’s reforms (Picture Source: The Local )


The Boy Macron was shoehorned into the French presidency when the pro EU elites engineered a stitch up that united his conservative and socialists in a manoeuvre to block the nationalist Front National candidate Marine Le Pen, whose Eurosceptic, anti immigration party was delivering a message that resonated with so many French voters it scared eight colours of crap out of the establishment, when there had previously only been seven colours of crap known to medical science.

So Marcon was a fake candidate, he had no party, no program and no political track record, having only served briefly as a technocrat in the catastrpohic socialist government of Francoise Hollande. No wonder Marcon’s presidency is falling apart and taking France down the pan with it. And no wonder, with strikes and riots crippling the country’s economy and no – go zones in cities causing civil unrest between immigrants and french nationals people are wondering how they can get rod of the clown Marcon before the damage he is doing becomes irreversible.

Rail traffic in France has continued to be disrupted by workers protests against employment law reforms this week as workers continued to strike for a sixth consecutive day. The intermittent strike actions are now in their third month. Last week I had to wire my daughter €150 to get a cab from Grenoble to her home in the Three Valleys ski resort area after she flew back from visiting us in England because trains were on strike.

There was some slight improvement in the number of services on Monday (11 June), with six out of ten long distance passenger services and a similar number of regional services running, according to rail operator SNCF.

However Intercité trains were still hugely disrupted with only one in three trains running and in the Ile-de France region around Paris only 50 percent of the Transilien services operating.

Rail workers staged demonstrations outside stations, blocking trains for up to an hour at a time, while chanting and throwing smoke bombs.

The strikes have led to a further worsening of relations between the country’s agricultural sector and President Emmanuel Macron’s government.

Meanwhile French farmers have blocked oil depots and refineries in protests  against palm oil imports, Reuters reported.

The move came after the French energy giant Total decided to use a cheaper, imported palm oil at its biofuel plant. Farmers fear that the move could negatively affect the use of locally produced oilseed crops.

According to Deutsche Welle, they are also worried about emerging competition, as local biofuel producers might want to go over to a cheaper palm oil from abroad instead of buying locally produced and more expensive rapeseed oil.

All in all, 16 sites were blocked on Monday, according to France’s largest farm union FNSEA, causing widespread disruption to industry and commerce.

So while the little grandmotherfucker Macron is strutting around pretending to  be a world leader, the future is looking bleak for France just a year into his presidency.

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