Cervical Cancer Tests For Men? Western Civilization Has Gone Insane

Transexual taxi driver Babs from the BBC comedy The League of Gentlemen (Picture: Manchester Evening News )

A campaign launched in the UK this week (Cervical Cancer Awareness Week) has employed a positively Orwellian abuse of language to encourage men at risk of cervical cancer to present themselves for smear tests that detect the disease in its early stages.

“But Basil, isn’t a cervix something women have but men don’t have?” you might well ask.

That was certainly the case  when I was studiously avoiding the study of biology at school, but apparently due to the wonders of politically correct doublespeak modern medicine it no longer applies. Now men can have a cervix and have babies too. It’s not just a case of men having the right to have a babies as in this scene from Monty Python’s Life Of Brian, but the people who we have been foolish enough to vote into power say we must, by law, accept as fully functioning males people who can push infants they themselves have grown from seed, down the birth canal and into the world.

Ex – females who have undergone surgery (the procedure is called a ‘strappadictomy’ I believe,) may now have a willie and also a cervix. In fact some retain their entire reproductive system so that, as men they can have babies. And if you don’t think that is insane you are raving bonkers.

READ MORE on cervical cancer screening for ‘men’.

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